- “Roe buck” will trail around Smiltene for the first time on July 24th

“Roe buck” will trail around Smiltene for the first time on July 24th


Yes, this really took some courage, pulling ourselves together, daring and getting out of the “better to do nothing” zone (although, this is not a positive tendency for the nation’s overall spirit and vivacity )! Roe bucks are going to do everything with the upmost precautions available in order to organize something by following the restrictions and guidelines of organizing public events!

First of all, we apologize for postponing the date of the July stage, as July 24th already sounds like an open adventure in itself!

  • For those account holders who do not have the opportunity to use their registration code on the changed date of July 24h, we will let you to register for one of the matches of the next season. The code will remain active!

  1. The race rules and registration for the race will be available this Friday, July 9th;
  2. The distances will be published on July 9th;
  3. The track will lead around the suburban forests of Smiltene, but the start and finish zone is going to be completely closed to those who are not participating in the race;
  4. The race will be available for to 450 runners at a time (500 including the team of organizers according to the government rules), meaning that the race on July 24th will be organized in several waves!
  5. While the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases for 100 000 people will not exceed 120 in the last 14 days leading up to the race, sports events will allow 500 people per event outdoors.

The race participants are obliged to present neither a negative COVID test nor a certificate, however, everyone must be registered for the race – the race number will serve as proof of registration!

  1. The race is open for participants starting of age 7 (sadly the “Doormouse” distance will be left off for next year!) as previously mentioned, the race center will be closed to other visitors, however, the zones around Lake Tepers and Old Smiltene park shall remain publicly available and not restricted;
  2. The usual Fair of Friends and Partners of Roe Buck will be organized in a separate area from the race center, including the catering services, however, the usual party with live music and additional entertainment, given the difficult conditions, will be skipped! Again, neither a COVID test nor a certificate will be required;

Distance maps:: TraceDeTrail

Race center:: Google Map!

The provisional starting times::

9:30 Start of registration and handing out the race numbers.

11:00 Start of the distance “LVM trail running championship for school children (~6km).

12:0) Start of the distance “Hare” (~13km).

13:00 Start of the distances “Roe buck” (~22km) and “Lynx” (~34km).

13:30 Start of the distance “Squirrel” (~6km).

The nordic walkers of all distances start TOGETHER with the runners, standing behind them in the race corridor!

The new season will most likely and hopefully be organized in the seasons of 2021-2022, it will end when we are able to organize all 7 stages of the competition!

Whatever the times – Roe bucks will be decorated in the new season! In order to feel the power of the olden times, the medals are created according to the samples of Latvian historical brooches. They will help us to remind that even in difficult times – we can both decorate and create light or hope in and around ourselves! For a strong Roe buck tribe!

And yes, we have a new Great friend who will help make this season come true! In addition, anyone who wants to do so will be able to take out accident insurance for free! Better for it to be useless, but sometimes – it helps!

“We, Gjensidige, have been advocating a healthy and active lifestyle from the very beginning, so cooperation with Roe buck comes naturally. We believe that movement is like our health insurance. Our mission is to take care of customers’ health and peace of mind. We are pleased and proud that we started as good friends, but now have become Great ones, so that together we can create more and more opportunities for people to be active and spend time in nature. We promise to take care of the safety of the runners so that each participant can fully enjoy the race. We are looking forward to the new Gjensidige Roe buck season” says Sanita Glovecka, Head of Gjensidige Latvia Branch.

Thank you! We will be glad if this message spoke to you in any way, letting all of us stay reasonable and full of mutual respect and peace! We will not become a better nation by depriving our tribe of opportunities to move in the open air and socialize a little – it is clear even for an old, old forest buck…


Best wishes – Smiltene Roe buck creative team