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Receiving the race numbers::
1. Race Expo at the TC Domina store “Sportland”, Rīga, Ieriķu street, starting from
12:00 to 19:00 on April 26 th
2. Registering for race at the main entrance (information center) of LVM Nature park in
Tērvete form 9:00 on April 27 th
Race center::
It will be located at the nature park’s Amusement park! You will have to take the distance
from main entrance to the race center by foot! The distance is approximately 700 m!
Participant’s bracelets::
The entrance in the Nature park is paid! Each participant who has registered for the race
prior is going to receive a 1+1 bracelet in the envelope (one for you and one for a
supporter) which will grant you a free entrance!
Participants of the distance “Susurs” will receive 1+2 bracelets.
The participants that are going to register on the day of the race are going to receive 1
Other entrances in the park::
If you receive the race number the day before, you don’t have to go to the race center for
registration. Instead we advise you to enter the park from entrance #2 and #3. Also,
consider parking your car near the Rehabilitation center “Tērvete”!
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