Roe bucks shall start running in Tukums, but will open the season by the majestic Zvārtes rock

Roe bucks shall start running in Tukums, but will open the season by the majestic Zvārtes rock

On July 18th the season of “” technical team will start together with the city trail race “TukumSmukumTaka” offering distances of 22.6 and 10.9 km. In order to make local townsfolk and guests happy, racers will be offered three different distances which will allow to get to know Tukums and its surroundings form a different point of view that might be surprising even for the locals.

When trails come to town

“This is a relatively new concept for our running creative team, as usually we look for more trails in the forest. There will be some of those this time as well, but part of the distance will go through the town, on the sandy streets of the towns border or pavement of the old town. However, the longer distances will take runners down to the Šlokenenbekas manor, Durbe castle and the area where lake Tukums once was to be found, says one of the authors of the project and the run Rimants Liepiņš. “Understandably, this run won’t be a part of the trail race “Roe buck”, and the number of participants, following the current restrictions, will be limited, but we think this might be a great warm-up race leading up to the main runs of the season. This is a good opportunity to run your heart out, meet your peers and enjoy the cycle of art and recreation events “Tiekamies Tukumā” (“See you in Tukums”), which will go on at the same time.”

More info::

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“See you in Tukums”

If you plan to arrive the day before the competition, you’ll get to attend the concert of band “Dzelzs Vilks”, but on July 18th you will get the chance to listen to Vestards Šimkus play Tukums St. Trinity Church’s melodies, take part in the event “Journey to the Middle Ages or Town of Tukums turns 575 and Castle Tower turns 25″ or enjoy the traditional Garden Festival in the nearby “Rozīte” of Sēme parish. Find more information::!

“Roe buck” is one of the most popular folk sports events in the country, which is why the chairman of Tukums County Council Normunds Rečs and his wife Daiga Reča suggested that the “Roe buck” race should also take place in Tukums. It is necessary to promote such activities in Tukums – it promotes a healthy lifestyle of the population. Over the last few years, the data on overweight and obese children and young people in Latvia has become increasingly alarming, so promotion of an active lifestyle is the task of every municipality.

Also, one of the organizers of “Roe buck” is Rimants Liepiņš – a graduate of Tukums Secondary School No. 2. In 2017, “Roe buck” won the annual award in sports in the nomination “Event of the Year in folk sports”.

This year’s “Roe buck” – in four stages

One of the hottest topics in the community of trail runners – when and whether the trail race series “Roe Buck” will resume this season – has been unraveled! Yes, we will really start the season on August 15th with an epic race “Zvārte rock Roe Buck”, which was originally planned as the culmination of the season with slightly longer but brilliantly scenic distances.

The number of stages of the season has drastically decreased to four. We hope that the epidemiological situation will not lead to any further adjustments!

The calendar of this season::

  • August 15th, 2020, “Zvārte rock Roe buck”, Zvārte rock, Amata district;
  • September 12th, 2020, “Ērgļi station Roe buck”, Ērgļi;
  • October 3rd, 2020, “Milzkalns Roe buck”, ski court Milzkalns, Engure district;
  • October 24th, 2020, “Abava valley Roe buck”, Agricultural Technical school’s stadium, Kandava.

Participants who had registered for one of the previous stages which were transferred due to an emergency, may transfer their participation fee to any of the following stages of this season. Holders of the 2020 season subscription will be able to choose in which three stages they will run next season at no extra charge or will be able to purchase next season subscriptions for a reduced fee!


A new distance “Wolf” or Devonian rock in the Gauja National Park

Somewhat weird, but perhaps just in time,this season will start in the heart of the Gauja National Park (GNP) with the new distance “Wolf”. Its length of 70 kilometers will be taking the trail runners along a scenic route: Sigulda – Krimulda – Gauja ancient bank – both banks of Brasla – Ķūķu rock – Amatas inflow – Lustūzis – Zvārte rock.

The patron of the ultra-long trail race is none other than Latvian doctor, public and sports worker Pēteris Apinis, who had predicted the creationn of such a distance in 2016, giving the trail race series “Roe buck” its first big recognition – “Health of the Year Award”.

“We have been planning for this distance for several years, thanks to and inspired by Latvia’s best trail runner Andris Ronimoiss, University of Vidzeme associate professor Andris Klepers and GNP trail manager Artis Ločmelis,” says the leader of “Roe buck’s” creative collective Rimants Liepiņš and calls the new distance “the Devonian rock’n’roll”, adding that in close cooperation with the specialists of the Vidzeme Regional Administration of the Nature Protection Board (DAP) there’been created not one long race, but a three-year cycle of trail runs, during which participants will run and get acquainted with both banks of river Gauja, brilliantly scenic GNP forest trails and once in three years will complete a full 120-kilometer lap of trails:

  • “Gaujmaliešu Taka Rietumi / Enter Gauja Trail West 2020”
  • “Gaujmaliešu Taka Austrumi / Enter Gauja Trail East 2021”
  • “Gaujmaliešu Taka Klasika / Enter Gauja Trail Classic 2022”

More on the distance “Wolf” here::

See you on the day of competition and remember that the restrictions and rules set by the government related to the global pandemic will have to be followed! Of course, it will also require additional changes in the organization and course of the competition, so let’s be both reasonable and tolerant!

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