Trail run series "Roe buck 2021-2022"



To take participants of the trail run into the most scenic trails of Latvian forests – an environment where every human becomes better, more loving and open!

To encourage each citizen of Latvia to run into the forest!

To popularize healthy and athletic lifestyle.


Trail run “Roe buck 2021-2022”, further Trail run, is organized by union "Engures sportam".


1.1.Trail run is organized on different kinds of road surfaces and trails (asphalt, gravel roads, forest roads, trails, quarterways, long-forgotten trails and off-roads).

1.2. Each trail run offers 5 (five) different distances::
distance “Dormouse”: ~1 km long run for children up to 10 years old (not available at the moment),
distance “Squirrel”: 4-6 km,
distance “Hare”: 10-13 km (except the August 15th trail run “Amata Roe buck” where the distance will be elongated by around 2-3 km),

distance “Roe buck”: 18-23 km,
distance “Lynx”: 27-35 km (on August 14th trail run “Sigulda Roe buck” this distance will be replaced with a distance “Wolf”, which will be 65-70 km long).

1.3. The participants of distances “Hare”, “Roe buck” and “Lynx” also participate in additional competition “Roe buck’s King/Queen of Hills”, which incorporates 200-600 m long distance of control measurements in order to tell, which participants have finished it the fastest.

1.4. The race trails are marked with signs and warning information!

1.5. The participants of distance “Dormouse” run WITHOUT a time stamp and are not awarded! Each runner of this distance gets a finishers medal and treats.

1.6. The results of participants of distances “Squirrel”, “Hare”, “Roe buck” and “Lynx” are recorded using an electronic time stamp system.

2. Participants and age groups

2.1. Distance “Dormouse” is meant for participants up until the age of 10;
2.2. Distance “Squirrel” is free to without any age restrictions;
2.3. Distance “Hare” is meant for participants aged 8 and up;
2.4. Distance “Roe buck” is meant for participants aged 16 and up;
2.5. Distance “Lynx” is meant for participants aged 18 and up.

2.6. The participant or the person responsible for the participant takes up all responsibility for the suitability of their state of health in order to finish the race and proves it with their signature at the moment of receiving the participants number. The organizers do not take any responsibility of participants possible traumas that may occur during the race.

2.7. First aid is available at the Start/Finish point of the race, or at some point of the distance if necessary.

2.8. The participants of distances "Hare", "Roe buck" and "Lynx" are divided in following age groups:

"Hare" ("Zaķis")

Women Men
SZ1 Year of birth 1997 – 2013 (8-24 y.o.) VZ1 Year of birth 1997 – 2013 (8-24 y.o.)
SZ2 Year of birth 1982 – 1996 (25-39 y.o.) VZ2 Year of birth 1982 – 1996 (25-39 y.o.)
SZ3 Year of birth 1967 – 1981 (40-54 y.o.) VZ3 Year of birth 1967 – 1981 (40-54 y.o.)
SZ4 Year of birth 1966 and older (55+ y.o.) VZ4 Year of birth 1966 and older (55+ y.o.)

"Roe buck" ("Stirnu buks")

Women Men
SB1 Year of birth 1982 - 2005 (16-39 y.o.) VB1 Year of birth 1982 - 2005 (16-39 y.o.)
SB2 Year of birth 1967 - 1981 (40-54 y.o.) VB2 Year of birth 1967 - 1981 (40-54 y.o.)
SB3 Year of birth 1966 and older (55+ y.o.) VB3 Year of birth 1966 and older (55+ y.o.)

"Lynx" ("Lūsis")

Women Men
SL1 Year of birth 1982 - 2005 (16-39 y.o.) VL1 Year of birth 1982 - 2005 (16-39 y.o.)
SL2 Year of birth 1967 - 1981 (40-54 y.o.) VL2 Year of birth 1967 - 1981 (40-54 y.o.)
SL3 Year of birth 1966 and older (55+ y.o.) VL3 Year of birth 1966 and older (55+ y.o.)

3. Time and place of the race

3.1. The races happen in following places:

  • July 24th, 2021, "Smiltene Roe buck", start and finish - Smiltene;
  • August 14th 2021"Sigulda Roe buck", start and finish - Sigulda;
  • September 11th 2021, "Abava Valley Roe buck", start and finish – Kandava;
  • October 2nd 2021, TBC.

4. Registration

4.1. Starting with July 9th, 2021 the registration for separate distances happens online on site’s section “Register”. Online registration closes on the week of the race’s Thursday 12:00 o’clock!

4.2. Last minute registration is possible on the morning of day of the race at the Race centre, but not later that 30 minutes before the start of the according race.

4.3. Participation fee includes the cost of participants number, providing the first aid at the race, marking the track and judge’s work, organizing cost, providing of the food and drink stands, food after the finish of the race, medal for each participant that finishes, parking, free photo gallery and video available on the website, as well as recording the results for participants of distances “Squirrel”, “Hare”, “Roe buck” and “Lynx”.

4.4. The participants are allowed to change their distance of choice or register another in their place, or transfer the payment for this race onto the next one (by sending an e-mail), but not later than race week’s Tuesday 12:00. These changes are provided FREE OF CHARGE!

4.5. All the changes that are made later must be made on the day of the race at the Race centre’s part “New registrations”. The participant will receive a new number with a new time stamp microchip, which costs 5 euros.

4.6. From December 1st 2020 until January 31st 2021 participants are able to purchase a season pass for 2020. Season pass covers the participation fee for all of the seven races and is not tied to any particular distance. Everyone who purchases the pass also gets a complimentary Roe buck running shirt.

4.7. The owner of the season pass informs the organizers on his distance of choice for the race by filling out an online form not later than the Tuesday 12:00 of the race week.

4.8. The season pass is attached to a person. It cannot be transferred or used by another person!

4.9. The cost of season pass::

*90 euros until December 31st 2020
*100 euros from January 1st 2021.

*120 euros until March 31st 2021.

  1. Participation fee

5.1. Registration on the race website before race week’s Thursday 12:00::


5.2. During the registration on the website the payment must be made through transfer of with a credit card. The payment must be made until the date of changed prices of the according race.

5.3. The payment order must include following information: participa

nts name and surname and/or participants registration number in the system (is sent in the reply e-mail right after the registration).

5.4. If you choose the option “Bill needed” during the online registration, it is prepared and sent to you to the provided e-mail address.

5.5. It is possible to register for the distance on the day of the race at the race centre for an increased price, but not later than 30 minutes before the start of the chosen distance. This is possible by paying with a card, but remember that the race centre may be place in a spot that has no mobile service or it may be out of cash:

  • 15 euros for the participants of distances “Dormouse” and “School championship”;
  • 25 euros for participants of distances “Squirrel” and “Hare”;
  • 30 euros for participants of distances “Roe buck” and “Lynx”.

5.6. The participants are registered for the chosen distance after the payment is received.
5.7. The participation fee must be transferred to:
Union “Engures sportam”
85 Jūras street, Engure, Engure parish, Engure county, LV3113
A/S Swedbank

6. The awarding

The prizes provided by supporters of the race are presented to 1st to 3rd place winners of overall rating in distances “Squirrel”, “Hare”, “Roe buck” and “Lynx” (men and women separately), as well as to 1st to 3rd place winners of “Hare”, “Roe buck” and “Lynx” in age groups that were mentioned in the section 2.8. of the Rules.

7. Overall rating for the individual participation

7.1. Each race of the Roe buck trail runs is a separate competition.

7.2. The participants have a chance to for the victory of the overall rating in 3 different distances – “Hare”, “Roe buck” or “Lynx”. The all 4 results will be taken in account in the according distance. The overall rating will be calculated by summing up the points received in one distance. If two people have the same amount of points, the one who gets the most points in the last race of the season ranks higher.

7.3. The winners of distances “Hare”, “Roe buck” and “Lynx” get 1000 points. The result of each next participant is calculated by the following formula – time of the winner divided by each participant’s time times 1000.

7.4. The winner of sprint stage “Roe buck’s King and Queen of Hills” (participated by everyone in the distances “Hare”, “Roe buck” and “Lynx”) gets 300 points. The result of each next participant is calculated by the following formula – time of the winner divided by each participant’s time times 300.

7.5. The result of the overall rating is made up of the sum of points from both the distance and the sprint stage. The maximum amount of points a participant can get in one run is 1300, except for the winner of the distance “Wolf” who will get 1400 points.

7.6. The unofficial overall rating of the race is also published during the sprint stage “Roe buck’s King and Queen of Hills”.

7.7. That is for exception for the participants of August 14th “Sigulda Roe buck” distance “Wolf”. The participants of this distance DO NOT PARTICIPATE in this runs sprint stageAll participants of this distance get additional 400 points for the extra distance and difficulty of the run.

7.8. The points that participants will receive during the distance “Wolf” will be automatically summed up with overall rating for the distance “Lynx”. The automatically added 400 point bonus will not be counted into the unofficial overall rating of sprint stage “Roe buck’s King and Queen of Hills”.

8. Overall rating for team participation

8.1. In order to participate in the team overall rating, the participants can register teams that consist of 4-12 people. The team should be registered here:ģistrētKomandu

8.2. In order to participate in the team competition, at least 4 people from one team must participate in the distance “Hare”, “Roe buck” or “Lynx”.

8.3. One participant can be registered in only one team. It is forbidden to change the teams during the season! However, additional member can join the team during the season, but it must be done by writing an e-mail to not later than a week before the next race.

8.4. The team’s overall rating is calculated by assessing the amount of points gained in each race. The team’s overall rating is calculated by taking the sum of highest points of 2 team members (whatever gender), who participate in the distance "Lynx" (points of distance + sprint stage points), 2 team members, who participate in the distance "Roe buck" (points of distance + sprint stage points) and 2 team members, who participate in the distance "Hare" (points of distance + sprint stage points).

8.5. An exception applies to the race “Amata Roe buck” happening on August 15th. In this race the Overall team rating is calculated as follows::

8.5.1. team members (whatever gender), who participate in the distance "Wolf" (points of distance + 400 extra points), 2 team members, who participate in the distance "Roe buck" (points of distance + sprint stage points) and 2 team members, who participate in the distance "Hare" (points of distance + sprint stage points) or

8.5.2. 1 member of the team (whatever gender), who participated in the distance “Wolf” (points of the distance + 400 extra points), 3 team members, who participate in the distance “Roe buck” (points of distance + sprint stage points) and 2 team members, who participate in the distance “Hare” (points of distance + sprint stage points).

8.6. Each team can earn an extra 100 or 200 points if one or two members of the team are finishers of the School championship.

8.7. The overall rating sums up the team’s points from all 7 stages of the season.

9. The course of the race

9.1. The participants of each distance all meet at the start. The runner who finishes the race first wins.

9.2. The race trails are marked. Marks are blue and white signs, and special warning signs.

9.3. The public road crossing is overseen by the Municipal or State police, or the National Guard.

9.4. There will be water stops during the race.

9.4.1. Some of the water stops for distances “Roe buck” and “Lynx” will not include the disposable paper cups, so we suggest you equip with your own collapsible cups or drinking systems.

9.5. There will be check-points that record the participants’ results.

9.6. If participant quits the race, the organizers are not responsible for helping the participant finish. If there is a medical emergency, the participant must seek the help of other participants and judges, in order to contact the organizers.

9.7. Catering – each participant will have a chance to eat after the race.

  1. Control time
  • In following distances::
    “Squirrel” – 2 h;
    “Hare” – 3 h;
    “Roe buck” – 4 h;
    “Lynx” – 6 h;
    “Wolf” – 12 h.
  1. Publicity and privacy

11.1. The course of the race will be photographed and filmed.

11.2. By registering for the race, the participant confirms that the organizers have a right to use the following photos and videos for public relation and advertising materials without any additional agreements, as well as allows the photos and videos to be downloaded from the trail run’s website.

11.3. By registering for race, the participant confirms that they don’t mind the publishing of the list of race participants and results on the public trail run’s website.

11.4. The published list of trail run’s participants shows the participants name, surname, gender and distance of choice.

  1. The rules

12.1. Each participant of distances “Squirrel”, “Hare”, “Roe buck” and “Lynx” gets a microchip incorporated into their participants numbers. The time control begins at the start, continues at the checkpoints throughout the track and ends at the finish line. The number is also a tool for identifying the participants, fixing the results and is used to ensure that everyone follows the rules and principles of healthy competition.

12.1.1. The participants number must be seen with the participant throughout all the race.

12.1.2. The participants number must be pinned or attached with a special tape on the front of the body at the height between chest and waist.

12.1.3. The participant must ensure that the microchip incorporated in the number isn’t covered with a bag or something else during the crossing of one of the time control zones (at the start, finish or check-points).

12.1.4. If the number has detached or been attached to some other part of the body, and the participant hasn’t known that, the participant is responsible to check whether the result has been fixed by the devices at checkpoints.

12.1.5. The organizers do not have to take note of the participants time and can disqualify the participant if, for example and not excluding other cases, the number has been pinned on the persons back, has been carried in palm of the hand, has been covered by hand or has been given to someone else.

12.2. By signing the papers at the registration table each participant confirms that they take on full responsibility for their state of health and their abilities to finish the distance. Participants younger than 18 must have a parent or guardian that signs the papers for them. Organizers do not take any responsibility for possible traumas that may occur during the run.

12.3. It is strictly forbidden to help participants of the race by carrying them on the bikes or running besides them, if the person running besides the participant is not a participant of the trail run themselves.

12.4. In case where the participant seeks for medical help, the opinion of medics on whether the race should be continued must be respected by the participant.

12.5. All participants who get caught cheating and do not run the full distance get disqualified. This decision is taken by comparing the results from time stamps, as well as considering the video evidence and the decision of judges.

12.6. We ask for participants to be respectful of the environment and do not litter.

12.7. The race is organized nearby partially organized traffic.

12.8. All participants must follow the traffic rules!

12.9. The participants must be careful as cars can suddenly appear out of driveways, fields, meadows and forest roads.

12.10. The participants must be extra careful when crossing roads!

12.11. Organizers are not responsible for any accidents and car crashes during race.

12.12. If one of the participants has had an unexpected problem, the other participants are responsible for helping them.

12.13. The participants promise to follow the principles of fair game, that include respecting each other.

  1. Disqualification and protests

13.1. Organizers have every right to disqualify a participant, if they don’t follow the rules of being in the public, principles of fair game, the Rules of the trail run or if they purposefully use help of other participants.

13.2. The participant can use helping equipment, but this equipment must be with them during the whole distance.

13.3. The organizers have a right to disqualify the participant if it is obvious that the person is unable to finish the distance.

13.4. Protests are accepted for checking after the payment of 30 euros to organizers. If it is true, the money is instantly repaid to the participant.

13.5. All protests are checked by a team of judges.

  1. The changes in rules

Organizers have right to make changes and additions in the rules. The participants are informed of the changes through the following communication channels – website, social media profiles, e-mail to participants that explain the changes.

  1. The principles of good behaviour in protected nature areas

15.1. Plan your visit sustainably

While visiting a protected area, everyone is responsible for the surrounding environment. That’s why it is so important to take care not only for yourself but also for the nature. Remember that nature invites you into its home – be a good guest!

To get to the race use public transport, bike or just go by foot. Check out the offer of Braucamkopā.lv on our website!

If you want to go using your car, make sure to take as much people as possible with you.

Do not drive around and park the car in the designated parking spots!

15.2. How to enjoy the visit while taking care of the protected area?

  1. Remember – being here is a privilege! Do not stray from the mapped roads, respect the environment and its rules that help to preserve the surrounding beauty.
  2. Plan your activities carefully. Gather all the necessary information, that will allow to safely enjoy not only various activities, but also to protect the surroundings.
  3. If you visit with a dog, look after it! The dogs could disturb other species living around here.
  4. Take care of yourself and others. Be ready to help others, no matter their chosen way of recreation or distance.
  5. Everyone wants to enjoy the surroundings. Give way to others. Be respectful of speed limits, because other visitors might not feel or hear you coming.
  6. Help to keep this place clean. Leave no trace and take any trash with you.
  7. See, tell, solve! If you see that something is not right, tell the race organizers! Look around, appreciate and enjoy!

Go outside and go into the wild!