Entry form 08.06. "The Roebuck of the Kalnsētas"

Canicross is the sport of cross country running with dogs. Canicross can be run with one or two dogs, always attached to the runner. The runner typically wears a waist belt, the dog a padded harness, and the two are joined by a 2 – 3m long bungee cord or elastic line that reduces shock to both human and dog when the dog pulls.

Canicross is a great activity for sports and dog lovers. It encourages people and their dogs to take part in outdoor activity and meet other like-minded individuals. It provides a physical workout for your dog and by the use of directional commands you can help your dog to learn and to build up his confidence.

Attention! It is not allowed to run without a dog harness in canicross discipline!


What is the minimum age for a dog to be able to participate in canicross discipline?
The dog must be at least 12 months or older.

Does the dog must have a breed? Will organizers ask for dog's pedigree documents?

All pure breed and mixed breed dogs can take part in the race. Organizers will not ask the pedigree documents, but they will ask for dog's passport, which shows if the dog is vaccinated against rabies (vet stamp). The rabies vaccine must be valid on the day of the race (see the vaccine expiration date).

Do I need special equipment?
Yes. You will need:
- Dog harness
- Special canicross elastic line (2 - 2.5m long)
- Canicross Belt

- It is not allowed to wear running shoes with iron or plastic spikes for better grip (for your dog’s safety!)

Where I can buy the equipment?

Contact with the organization "RaceDog Latvia" (racedoglatvia@gmail.com). They will give you all the necessary information about the equipment.

How long is the track?

Track at the canicross discipline will be from 4 to 6 km long, depending on the place where the race is.

Can the children take part in canicross discipline?

No, this discipline is not for small children. Children under the age of 13 can participate in 'Stirnu Buks' children's distances without a dog.

To what account I have to pay the registration fee? What I need to write in the payment order?

The registration fee depends on the date, when a filled registration form has been received by the organisers. The registration fee has to be paid by bank transfer in 24 hour period.

The registration is completed when organisers have received a registration fee by bank transfer*.

Organization: "RACEDOG LATVIA"
Address: Vārnu iela 10 -8 , Riga, LV - 1009, Latvia
Reg. No: 40008225574
Bank: Swedbank
Account: LV21HABA0551038558303
Code: HABALV22

*In payment order write runners name, surname and short name of age discipline (when writing in the discipline name, make sure that you are using a valid discipline name; correct discipline names are listed at the beginning of the race regulation) and as well as the competition discipline and the place, where the race is happening.

Example: Agnese Saldeva, CCW J, Canicross Riekstukalns.
Otherwise payment will be invalid.

Will it be possible to register for canicross discipline at the race day at race centre if I haven’t registered previously?

Yes, you can register for a canicross discipline at the race day.

If I participate in canicross discipline, may I take part in another "Stirnu buks" discipline?

Yes, participants of canicross can take part in other "Stirnu buks" disciplines, but you need to have someone with you who will look after the dog while you are in the race. At the stake-out it is not allowed to leave the dog unattended.

What is the "Stake-out"?
It is a special campsite for participants of canicross.

Is the canicross discipline going to be evaluated by IFSS rules?

Yes, only the track mark will differ from IFSS rules – there will be blue and white signs and warning signs, like in a usual running marathon.

What is IFSS?
Internatonal Sleddog Sport Federation.