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Congratulations! You have reached the trail race series’ “Roe buck 2020” opening stage page!

Yes, this season will indeed start on August 15th – just as scenic during the “Zvārte rock Roe buck” but with just tiny bit longer distances. The planned culmination of the season has suddenly turned into its starting race with longer but perfectly picturesque trails.

Race centre:: Next to the majestic Zvārte rock lying in the banks of river Amata. GoogleMap here!

Race programme: HERE!

Additional rules: HERE!

Detailed trail maps:: Distance “Wolf”, Distance “Roe buck”, Distance “Hare”, Distance “Squirrel”

Distance GPX files available here (press “Save link as”!):: “Squirrel – GPX”, “Hare – GPX”, “Roe buck – GPX”, “Wolf – GPX”.

Latvia.Travel:: “The Zvartes Rock is one of the most popular and scenic sandstone outcrops in Latvia.”

Legend says that Zvārte rock used to be the meeting spot of witches that used to go there to dance and party until the dawn. Hopefully, the ones meeting there in the middle of the august will be the tribe of Roebucks who are just so thirsty for running. The ones who will be especially cheered on will be the finishers of the first-time distance “Wolf” – this distance will start the 3-year-long race trilogy “Gaujmaliešu taka / Enter Gauja Trail”. More information here!

Zvārte rock is one of the most scenic sandstone outcrops in the banks of river Amata and the Gauja National park itself. It lies beautifully surrounded by forests and fields and the territory around is the perfect place to get inspired by natures magical, primal power.

Another surprise going through the territory is the Geologic trail of Amata, so it’s worth taking a longer route on it if you plan to visit the rock. Its untouched nature is just like a gallery of rocks. Of course, there are also places for a leisurely picnic, an information centre and option of taking the trail with a tour guide.

Well, if you’re here anyway, why not plan some extra time for sightseeing and enjoying the activities the Amata municipality has to offer? There’s plenty of things to do and remember – this is specially protected nature area in one of the oldest nature parks of Latvia Gauja National park, so enjoy the time spent here responsibly!

Enter Gauja:: “Gauja National park – a place to visit for an adventure while exploring and educating yourself at the same time. The variety of activities lets everyone choose the pace and theme of their visit. The origins of the ancient Gauja valley can be traced back more than 350 million years back. Here you can find breathtaking nature, cliffs and caves. Also, the longest river in Latvia – Gauja goes right through the park. It is exciting and full of twists and turns – in the park territory alone there are 98 bigger and smaller turns, so it’s perfect for rafting. The park is unique as two-thirds of known Latvia’s caves and more than 500 cultural-historical monuments can be found here. All of this includes castle mounds, castles, churches, water mills, windmills etc.

The trails in the heart of Vidzeme are still made with the tireless help of Artis Ločmelis (“VSK Burkānciems”)! An epic “thank you” for giving a helping hand goes to Elita Eglīte (Amata municipality), girls of Nature Protection Boards Vidzeme Region who are carefully looking after us, and to two Andris’ – Ronimois and Klepers for wise tips during the creation of "Enter Gauja Trail West"!

See you by the Zvārte rock!

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Track at the race day may differ form the track in the picture.
Picture is for an illustrative purpose only.
Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
Āraišu ezerpils Arheoloģiskais parks_450
Āraiši lake castle

A chance to learn about history starting with the Stone Age ending with Middle Ages. The most unusual object here is Āraiši lake castle – a fortified place of residence of the ancient Latgalians on a lake island in the Iron Age. You can look around the ruins of a medieval castle, the Daughter Island with examples of Stone and Bronze Age dwellings. A brand-new permanent exposition can be seen at the Visitors' centre, where, for the first time since the excavations, the original evidence obtained and the story of Jānis Apals are introduced in an exploratory manner.

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Āraiši windmill

Here you witness the transformation of grain into flour in the mill, grind the grain yourself, walk all four floors and see the machinery of the mill accompanied by a guide. By applying in advance, it is possible to buy a special home-baked bread from the hostess of the mill, Vineta, phone – 29238208.


Zvārte rock

Zvārte rock is one of the most picturesque Devonian sandstone outcrops not only in the Gauja National park, but also in Latvia. The Zvārte rock was formed by the Amata River washing away sandstone rocks. Visitors can see the 44 m high, semi-circular curved slope of Zvārte from the right bank of Amata, but in the north-west there is a cliff ridge up to 19 m high washed out by Amata – the scenic Zvārte rock.

Starting from Zvārte rock you can go hiking along the Amata trail along the riverbank towards the Veclauči bridge or towards Kārļi and Melturi.

In cooperation with Enter Gauja – Gauja National Park tourism cluster, the tourism route “Amata. Amata rocks and cliffs” has been created. It can be downloaded HERE.


Mirror house above river Amata

A few meters above the river Amata, there is a unique house of mirrors, which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Also, it reflects the surrounding landscape so it’s well camouflaged. In order to enjoy the beauty of the river Amata, listen to the rustling of the water and the chirping of birds. It has openable sides, while the built-in window allows not only to look at the rapids of the river, but also to watch the starry sky at night. From July 1st, the pilot project "Adventure in the Mirror House" is open to visitors.


Amata trail

The Amata geological trail leads to an adventure during which you will be surrounded by the magic of untouched nature. Walking on this trail wakes up the primal urge to constantly surround yourself with wilderness. The geological trail is an adventure – a walk in an authentic environment. The trail winds through the fascinating ancient valley of Amata. The trail is marked, but most of it is not landscaped, in some spots, there might be obstacles to overcome – fallen trees and small tributaries of the river.
You will see the sandstone and dolomite outcrops that separate the 350 – 400 million-year-old pages of the Earth's history, when the grains of sand carried by rivers flowing from north to south settled in the sea, compacted and cemented. You will get to know and be able to see almost all the typical Latvian trees and shrubs, diverse flora, animal trails, beaver dams, anthills, as well as listen to nature concerts provided by various birds.
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Cecīļu dabas taka ieriķos2_450
Cecīļi nature trail in Ieriķi

Cecīļi nature trail is a hiking route that offers to get to know the natural objects of Amata region along the banks of the river Kumada and the river Dančupīte.

Visitors can enjoy the unmodified natural landscape – Dančupīte canyon, Dančupīte cave, a miniature waterfall, the impressive Cecīļi rock from the right bank of the Kumada River, Cecīļi pine, which is recognized as one of Latvia's big trees and other objects. The trail is marked.

Legend has it that a devil with two witches lived in the caves of Cecīļi rock. Every midnight they danced in front of the rock. People annoyed the devil, so he wanted to fill Kumada, took sand, and carried it to the river. Suddenly a rooster sang here in "Cecīļi" and the devil got so frightened it threw himself in a cave. The sand spilled towards the "Devil's Chamber" rock, forming a hill. The devil has not been seen since then.

The beginning of the trail is in Ieriķi, Amata municipality – one kilometer from the Cecīļi nature trail’s information point. The trail includes routes of various lengths and four rivers. The total length of the trail is 12 km. The hike can take up to 5 hours.

Ieriķu dzirnavu dabas taka_450
Ieriķi watermill’s nature trail

There are footpaths, bridges and viewing platforms on the banks of river Grūba.

The total length of the trail, which is easy to do even for families with children, is less than a kilometer. At the end of October, the beginning of November, migrating salmon tries to overcome the areas of natural obstacles. In winter, there is a light park, which in autumn, winter, and early spring illuminates the trail and its immediate surroundings in the dark. Paid visit.

One-kilometer-long trail with 7 waterfalls of different heights, search for water ghosts, an inspection of Ieriķi mill wall, and water wheel. Lunch can be enjoyed in the adjoining pub "Dzirnakmeņi".

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Going along the river Amata, it is impossible to miss Lustūzis – its rapid bend is a real challenge for the skilled conquerors of the playful river!

Externally, Lustūzis is a low rock, the walls of which are decorated with small cracks and niches. It bends around the river Amata like a large horseshoe.

Experienced water tourism enthusiasts usually are happy to include Lustūzis in their adventure routes in the spring, as it is an opportunity to feel the risk and speed, as well as to experience unexpected pressure on the rough wall and rapids of the cliff. People say that Lustūzis's name was given to experienced fishermen and boaters, who are well acquainted with the rapid "S" type bend of the river. It is the unusual bend that has attracted not a single conqueror of the river. After all, overcoming Lustūzis bend has made them especially proud and happy!

To see the beautiful cliffs of Lustūzis, you can also go along the Geological trail along with Amata. Look for it on the right bank of the river, about one kilometer from the Veclauči bridge.


Sajūtu bungas_450
Sauna of senses and drum workshop in Kārļi

Sauna rituals, possible to spend the night. Get to know the feel and vibration of drums, create your own drums from pre-prepared rings and leather.

Pre-registration:: Phone: 29456485; E-mail: ilze.busujeva@gmail.com

Read more:: “Ex-city folks make drums from wild animal skins in Amata” (lsm.lv)


Forest brothers – the bunker of national partisans

A partisan bunker has been created – where you can feel like a partisan (even if just for a bit), view partisan personal belongings, weapons, photos. Stories and memories in films about the national guerrilla struggle after 1945.

The Latvian national partisans or forest brothers were small, armed groups of local people who independently fought against the occupation regime of the USSR in the territory of Latvia from 1944 to 1956. These were people who could not or did not want to live in the Soviet Union and were forced to hide in the forests. In total, about 20 thousand forest brothers worked in Latvia.

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Countryside hotel “Kārļamuiža”

Hotel "Kārļamuiža" is an old manor house. Its ancient stone and brick buildings are decorated with swinging grape branches and are surrounded by a large apple orchard. Today "Kārļamuiža" is a cozy hotel located in the ancient valley of the river Amata, in the Gauja National park.

The hotel has two floors with different rooms – both double and spacious suites for families or groups of friends. Each room is unique and different from others, so you can choose the most suitable for you! "Kārļamuiža" offers to get to know the surroundings – hiking, Nordic walking, cycling routes, and other activities. Sauna is available.

Amata.lv | EnterGauja | Kārļamuiža

Hotel "Jonathan SPA Estate"

The five-star hotel “Jonathan SPA Estate” is a truly unusual place surrounded by picturesque landscapes. 8 comfortable rooms with shower or bath, terraces with garden furniture and lake view, restaurant, bar with a cinema area, SPA complex with an indoor pool, Turkish and Finnish saunas, a shungit room, and an outdoor jacuzzi. Children's corner.


Adventure park “Supervāvere”

Overcoming obstacles creates stories full of adventure and new feelings. Going from one obstacle zone to another, you will be able to grasp the trunks of mighty trees and feel the strength they have accumulated over the years. You will also enjoy the fabulously picturesque and refreshing green views of the Gauja ancient valley, sliding on cableways high above the ground. You will experience the excitement before each new stage of the obstacle course and, by skillfully measuring it, you will feel the satisfaction of what has been done.

The original attractions are intertwined with the surroundings so that you can fully enjoy your time here in rhythm with the lively pulse of nature and feel a strong connection with the inspiring surroundings.

Adventure park "Supervāvere" has more than 60 attractions – various rope paths, passages, and obstacles located in high and low trees.

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Rakši ZOO

Enjoy the splendor of the Gauja National park is surrounded by camels, llamas, alpacas, and guanacos. Here you can not only see exotic animals but also love them, feed them with specially designed snacks and go hiking, entrusting the carrying of picnic baskets to llamas.

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