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Congratulations! You’ve reached the description page of trail run’s “Stirnu buks” second stage.

Start / Finish:: LVM nature park in Tērvete. GoogleMap here!

Competition programme:: HERE!

Detailed distance maps:: HERE!

Tērvete forest is the only stage this season that is a repeat from last year! Nevertheless, it has a completely different race centre and fresh trails!

In Tērvete forest we will all enjoy both a trip into the wild and a trip into history of Latvia. LVM nature park in Tērvete is one of the most popular and family friendly places in Latvia. One third of the park's 1200 ha area is taken up by the Fairy tale world. Remember that visit to the park's most popular places – the Fairy tale world, Dwarf forest and Playground will take you about three hours!

More than a hundred wooden sculptures and statues can be found in the park – Sprīdītis (Tom Thumb), giant Lutausis, the Forest King and his court, little Annele with her friends, dwarfs and “live” fairytale characters – crafted after the fairytale plays by the famous Latvian writer Anna Brigadere. You will also learn about the might of the ancient Semigallians, bringing back memories to modern generations when climbing up the three ancient castle mounds. When it comes to military semigalians were one of the most developed tribes in this field. Nameisis, the King of Semigalia and leader of freedom fights, also known as Namejs or Nameitis is said to have lived in Tērvete.

Looking for a place to stay?:: Accomodation in Tērvete county and booking.com/Tervete

Tracks for Stirnu buks trail race were made with help of Mammadaba expert Juris Redisons. Special thanks to nature park's manager Kristaps Didže!

See you in Tērvete forests! 

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Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

Nature park, managed by JSC Latvia’s State Forests, is the friendliest place for a family with children wishing to rejoice at the interplay of nature and fairy tales. The park spans over 1200 hectares, and the Fairy tale world covers one-third of the area. It is home to various wooden sculptures and "living" fairy tale characters by the famous latvian writer Anna Brigadere. The Fairy tale world, Playground and the Dwarfs’ Forest enjoy the biggest popularity in the park.

A network of small and large trails winds through the park, conveniently traversable on foot, by bike or with a stroller, one of Latvia’s highest observation towers stands proud above pine tops. You can have tasty meals in three cafes located in the park. LVM nature park in Tērvete has been recognized as one of the excellent European tourist destination in Latvia within the framework of the EDEN project. Open all year round. Touring the park takes at least three hours.

Phone: +37163726212, www.mammadaba.lv

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Characters of the Fairy tale forest

During the season all fairy tale lovers are welcomed by live fairy tale characters – dwarfs working in the Dwarfs’ forest, dwarfs who have mastered different crafts creating their own villages, never before seen mushrooms growing out of nowhere and of course the new dwarf city Čiekure that is being built just now. Little Witch is playing in the Witches’ Woods and there you can visit her house and the Witches kitchen. The spiders have woven their webs in the tree tops, bats are flying around and huge witch bolettes and death caps are growing.

Sprīdītis (Toe-thumb) and giant Lutausis

"The world doesn't work in a way you think it does. It's completely different. Everything might look  unimpressive from afar but when you take a closer look – it's completely opposite."

The name of Latvian writer Anna Brigadere goes hand-in-hand with Tērvete. It's the woods filled with mightiest and highest latvian pines and enclosing three of Tērvete's castle mounds that inspired the writer to come up with the fairy tale play "Sprīdītis" in just three days in 1903.

Little but always ready for aventure Sprīdītis has been inspiring everyone to no only search for their own Land of Happiness, but also to visit Tērvete - the place where you can go to museum "Sprīdiši", get to know things about the writer's life and work and, of course, get to enjoy living in a fairy tale with live fairy tale characters.

Wooden bridge – laboratory

The visit to Latvia's state forest nature park in Tērvete has become an exciting adventure because you can choose to get there by crossing an 87 meter long wooden construction. It is especially impressive at night time when the bridge's rails and nearby pine trees light up in all of the different colours. The wooden bridge-laboratory connects LVM nature park in Tērvete with the parking lot making the way from one end to the other not only safer bujt also full of interesting observations. The structure was built using the glued laminated timber technology and its main purpose is to  monitor and register data of any change in wooden constructions in the Latvian climate. 16 different moisture level detectors take moisture levels of the wooden constructure every two hours and every month experts take a look at the curvature of the bridge. It's expected that the lifetime of the construction is going to be at least 80 years.

Tervete watchtower

LVM nature park in Tērvete offers not only an opportunity to enjoy a walking tour but also gives a  way to childhood memories and the allurement of a carefree fairy tale land.  Now there is an additional attraction – climbing 153 wooden stairs of the 39 meter high watchtower. The wide stairs and the tower's structure are so safe that even the youngest or most timid visitors boldly overcome one step after another until they reach a 25 meter wide platform at the top feeling not a single shake of the wind. Now behold the beautiful Zemgale region's scenery and see the tiny storybook hero Spriditis' land of luck from high above.

Tērvete Castle mound

People have inhabited Tērvete Castle mound for more than a thousand years. We get to know about the ancient Tērvete, Semigallians’ life and battles up untill the 13th century from the archeological excavations. The mound had 2 outskirts and ancient town which covered the territory of about 9,5 ha. The found things prove that in the outcastles have lived craftsmen -–there are found 4690 antiquities. In the 13th century Semgallians’ political and administrative centre was located there. Its kings Viestards and Nameisis have been among the most successful kings from the Baltic nations both in military and political sense.

Tērvete wooden castle

Tērvete castle – one of the most powerful castles of the 13th century in the Baltic region. In Tērvete Semigallianns have fought for their freedom for a hundred years during Crusade Period. The exposition of the castle tells about the history of Semigallia and Tērvete in Iron Age. There you can find the richest collection in Latvia of Semigallians’ iron decoration duplications, arms, household objects and garment reconstructions. Here you can also see Semigallian king's Viestards wax statue and the largest exhibition of swords in Latvia. Reconstruction of Tērvete Castle was based on results of archeological research on Tērvete castle mound.

Mobile +37126950975, www.lielkenins.lv


Holymound is one of Tērvete’s forthills, a holy place of our distant ancestors. From 1285 to 1286 German crusaders built their castle there, but after the conquest of Zemgale they destroyed it. During the Northern War the hill was a stronghold of the Swedish army therefore it got its second name – Swedish hill.


Cloistermound had been inhabited ever since the 1st century B.C. up untill the begining of A.D. It was fortified with two parallel beam walls, at the sides of the square were hearths. Later there was found a stone axe, stones for grating corn, earthenmoulds for casting bronze objects, an iron knife and pottery with scratched surfice. This is the place where the ancestors of ancient Semgallians used to live.

Ruins of the Order’s Castle

In 1339 for the purpose to rule over its property and estates the Order of the Livonian Knights built a stone castle, but it was destroyed by the combined forces of Semgallians and Lithuanians in 1345. Later the castle was rebuilt for the needs of Duke of Courland. In 1701 during the Northern War a Polish garnison was holding out in the castle and the Swedish troops finally destroyed it.

Clay bank of the River Tērvete

The picturesque place where the River Tērvete has arched widly and approaches to mighty bank is called Tērvetes Staburags. On the way to the bank specially made trails allow to enjoy wonderfull and mysterious nature.

Skyways of Lucky Land

Skyways of Lucky Land consist of rope and wooden constructios that hover 4-10 meters above the ground. Anyone, may they be big or small, is welcome to put himself in the shoes of Anna Brigadere's fairy tale hero Sprīdītis – hop on the skyways and go to your own Lucky Land and don't forget to enjoy all the adventures on the way! Fore example, you could meet the Forest mother or giant Lutausis, defeat Evil itself and and surrender yourself to many other exciting endeavours. But those that wish to catch the four winds are going to enjoy the 200 meter long ride down the lines!


Old pine park

In the Nature park, on the right bank of the Tērvete river, grow the oldest and tallest pine trees in Latvia. In the forest stand that occupies an area of 30 ha most of the pine trees are approaching the age of 300 years, while their height exceeds 40 metres. Here, JSC Latvia’s State Forests have created airing trails where the wonderful landscape of Tērvete may be enjoyed peacefully.

Museum "Sprīdīši"

"Sprīdīši" was an important place for the famous Latvian writer Anna Brigadere (1861 – 1933). The writer’s former summer cottage, historic house dating back to 1840, is where she wrote many of her works, including the famous trilogy "God. Nature. Work.". There you can look at the writer’s three rooms that are kept the same as in her time, as well as the garden and park of "Sprīdīši". There is opportunity to stay for a night in romantic rooms of the "gardener’s house" with a cafe and sauna available nearby.

www.spridisi.lv  I Latvia.Travel/MuzejsSprīdīši

God. Nature. Work. | The Goers

Shepherd Ludis was runinng in and out of the house, leaving the door open like a gate. No one told him off. No one was guarding the warmth like during winter. The wind was coming in through the door, the windows. The corners were empty. The wife left but she swept them one last time just so the new owners of the house wouldn't be horrified of the left things and spider webs.
Ludis was this summer's most sought for shepherd living right next door. He knew "Kamenes" like his own pocket because he went there every other day. There was nothing to llok for. But he came early just so he could see all the people who came and went on the day of Jurģi himself.
Every time he went inside, he went straight to Annele.
"Who's your father, mother?" "Goers."
"Where are they going?" "To the other side of the world."
"Where is the end of that other world?"
Read "God. Nature. Work."here!

Tērvete Sanatorium

The former sanatorium in Tērvete was built in 1932. At that time it was one of the most modern sanatoriums in Europe. Today this building is an architectural monument of the state importance. Now it works as Rehabilitation center – medical institution for patients with affections of respiratory organs and disturbances in movementbacking apparatus functions.

Tērvete butterflies

In the tropical Butterfly house you can see butterflies off all colours, shapes and sizes that have come all the way from Asia, South America and Afria. Enjoy real tropical climate and see not only the butterflies, but also colourful tropical plants, flowers and various water inhabitants.

www.tervetestaurini.lv, T. 26622444; 29353571

Restaurant, hotel and beer brewery "Zoltners"

Restaurant "Zoltners" restaurant presents exquisite meals, hand-crafted from fresh, locally-grown seasonal products. Closeness to nature and simplicity are the elements underpinning "Zoltners" menus, which, in tandem with the unique approach of Head Chef Nauris Malāhovs, create flavour combinations characteristic of Northern Europe and open up new flavour nuances in local products.

Restaurant is located in Kroņauce, 5 km from LVM nature park in Tērvete. Business hours: every day from 11 AM to 10 PM, but on the weekend – untill the last client.