24-07-2021 Smiltenes stirnu buks
~1 km
~6 (+110 a.m.) km
~6 (+110 a.m.) km
~13 (+240 a.m.) km
Stirnu buks
~22 (+380 a.m.) km
~34 (+580 a.m.) km

Congratulations! You’ve reached the landing page of trail run series’ “Roe buck” first race of the season!

After a long forced-stop we’ve once again dared to dream out this year’s first stage of the trail run race “Roe buck” in the charming Smiltene!

The race centre and registration of participants: will be located next to the stadium Teperis, there will also be closed start corridors, where entry will be allowed only for registered participants, a fenced finish area will be located in Smiltene Old Park, but regulated parking areas will be located near Teperis autodrome. GoogleMap here!

Race programme:: HERE!

Detailed distance maps:: TraceDeTrail

Distance GPX files available here (click “Save liks as”!)::Squirrel – GPS”, “Hare – GPX”, “Roe buck – GPX”, “Lynx – GPX” (updated versions, _v2)

“Smiltene just like Stonehenge. Recommendations on what to see in the quiet town of Vidzeme.” Tūrismagids.lv

It’s told that Smiltene is a place where you can enjoy the splendor and grandeur of nature for the delight of eyes and heart. A place where you can feel the truly Latvian spirit and hospitality of the locals. This is a place to have a good time, gain strength and gain new and exhilarating emotions! Surrounded by mighty pine forests, low-rise buildings lined with gardens, city parks, the rapid River Abuls and its many lakes.

The author of these distances Artis Ločmelis believes that the race centre, which will be located between Lake Teperis and Smiltene Old Park, will be one of the most charming in the history of our trail run series! Shortly before the finish, participants of all distances will enjoy the beautiful trail along Vidusezers and the Old Park, which leads to Lake Teperis – created by the dam of the River Abuls.

See you in the charming Smiltene!!!

Trails in the heart of Vidzeme are still being tirelessly woven by Artis Ločmelis (“VSK Burkānciems”)! Special thanks to the sport-savvy municipality of Smiltene region, and to the tireless Guntars Marks and Vairis Kraukls for the shoulder of support!

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Track at the race day may differ form the track in the picture.
Picture is for an illustrative purpose only.
Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
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Lake Teperis and promenade

The picturesque surroundings of Lake Teperis are a popular holiday destination for both locals and guests. The lake was created by damming the River Abuls – at first the lake was called Kalnezers, because downhill from it was Lake Vidus. The waters of the lake powered a water wheel connected to a hammer lifting shaft. Due to the large hammer, the lake was called Ēmurs. As the owner of the hammer filed for bankruptcy, it was taken over by an Estonian named Tepfers. Since then, the lake bears the name of its last owner of the iron hammer – Tepfer. Thus, the lake is now known as Teperis.

The surroundings of Lake Teperis are a great place to enjoy leisurely walks and the beauty of nature, as well as some more active means of recreation. Here you can see the promenade of Lake Teperis, a dam with a waterfall, a floating fountain, which is illuminated at night, as well as a bridge to the island of Lake Teperis at night. Here you can also find well-maintained recreation areas, swimming infrastructure, and sports fields of the recreation and sports complex "Teperis" – beach volleyball courts, football stadium, hockey field, tennis court, go-kart track and car track.

Photo: Kaspars Liepiņš

Lake Niedrājs

The average depth of Lake Niedrājs is 4 meters, the maximum depth is 8.5 meters. It is connected to six other forest lakes – Mellūzis, Salainis, Niedrītis, Bezdibenis, Zummeris and Bezvārdis. The water of the lake is clean and transparent – that’s why it attracts many Latvian divers. Thus, in August 2002, scuba diver Edgars Mičulis found an old boat: a-single-tree that had been lying in the lake under a layer of mud for several hundred years. The boat that had been carved from a single tree has now been carefully packed and taken to the Jūrmala City Museum.

The surroundings of Lake Niedrājs are popular with the locals and guests of the county. The area is suitable for leisurely walks and nature, as well as active recreation and sports – Nordic walking, running, skiing and cycling. There are several well-maintained swimming areas with footbridges in the area, as well as recreation areas where it is possible to light a campfire.

“Lake Niedrājs and its surroundings – a place for walks and recreation on the Smiltene side”:: Tūrismagids.lv

Photo: Evija Ziemiņa

Anne’s boats, active recreation equipment rental and sale

At the rental point near Lake Teperis you can rent a bicycle cart, SUP boards, roller skates, electric scooters, catamaran canoes, kayaks and rowing boats.

More:: anneslaivas.lv

Photo: Evija Ziemiņa

Lake in Smiltene region, which resembles the outline of Latvia

The significant shape of the lake located in Smiltene region was given the name of Salainis. It should be noted at once that the lake with the same name can also be found in Valka region. Although Salainis is not so reminiscent of the contour of Latvia on the map, a completely different landscape opens from a slight slope. Salainis in Smiltene region is one of the six forest lakes connected to Lake Niedrājs, which is a beautiful place for nice walks and other activities.

Photo:: Ainārs Gaidis. More:: turismagids.lv

Brantu manor

Brantu manor can be found in Brantu parish, Smiltene region. The manor was built in the 19th century and is currently managed by Ilze Briede, who is a well-known baker in Latvia, as well as Nauris Zutis who is the owner of the "Sauna School". The manor offers master classes with housewives, excursions, Latvian lunches and "Sauna school" master class, which includes sauna, plant ABC, plant scrubs, tea master classes, and traditional bath broom master class.

Brantu manor also offers various themed camps for the whole family about Latvian life and worldview.

Facebook / BrantuMuiža

Photo: Santa Paegle

Manor house and plant kitchen

The Smiltene Regional Museum invites you to a lesson in the Mēru manor "Manor’s cream and plant kitchen". During the lesson, it will be possible to make creams, lip balms and other useful products for your beauty routine – all made from natural ingredients, while promoting a waste-free lifestyle.

By operating a hand-cut coffee grinder, it will be possible to make green salt from various herbs.

More:: VisitSmiltene.lv

River Abuls

River Abuls (also Abula, Abulīte) is a river of Vidzeme, the left tributary of the Gauja (flows 6 kilometers above Valmiera) in Latvia. It starts in the hills of Mežole in the north-west of the Vidzeme highlands 162 meters above the sea level, flows along the Seda plains and the Trikāta uplift. Its fall – 129 meters, upstream and middle reaches up to 10 m/km. In its pool there are also Mārsnēni, Miegupe, Biksēja, Kačoru and other large bogs. One of the few rivers in Latvia whose name is male.

Photo: Evija Ziemiņa

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Cērtene castle mound

Cērtene castle mound is the oldest witness of Smiltene's history. At the beginning of the 13th century, this place was one of the strongest castles in the land of Tālava.

The height of the castle mound from the side of the river Cērtene reaches almost 25 meters. In order to fortify the castle mound, a ditch up to 12 meters deep was dug around it, which is considered to be one of the grandest fortification structures in the Latvian castle mounds.

More: Latvia.Travel I LatvijasPilskalni

Aumeisteri manor and its freaks

In Northern Vidzeme, on the border of Latvia and Estonia, there is a branch of the Vidzeme highlands – Aumeisteri rampart. Driving along the Riga – Pskov highway, 30 kilometers from Smiltene, turn left, then the road leads along with the highest point of the rampart, and after nine more kilometers, the view opens up the old buildings, which fit very naturally into the environment.

More:: “Journey through time: Ancient Aumeistari manor with benign meadows and ruins of ancient tombs”:: Tūrismagids.lv

Photo: Gatis Pāvils

Smiltene – just like Stonehenge

On the outskirts of Smiltene there are old barn ruins, reminiscent of one of the wonders of the world – a stone monument in Stonehenge in Great Britain. This unofficial tourist object is popular not only with the people of Smiltene, but also with the guests of the city from all over Latvia. There are especially beautiful moments in the ruins at sunset, because they are located on a small hill in the middle of an open field. It should be mentioned that this is an unofficial tourist attraction and it is forbidden to climb the ruins, as it can be life-threatening.

Photo: Evija Ziemiņa