27-05-2017 Smeceres sila stirnu buks
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~6 km
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Stirnu buks
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Congratulations! You have reached the info page for the second race of trail running series "Stirnu buks 2017"!

Start/finish: Sports and Recreation Center "Smeceres sils" (Smeceres Pine Wood). GoogleMap here.

Race Day Info:: Page

Detailed Distance Maps:: bit.ly/SmeceresSils

The second race of trail running series will bring its runners in central region of Latvia – territory of Vidzeme highland, which is highest of Latvia’s highlands. Highest points of Latvia are located in highlands. None of them in absolute height reaches the height of mountains, yet people love to call the highest hills mountains. Highest points of Latvia are Gaiziņkalns (Hill Gaiziņš) – 311,6m, Sirdskalns (Heart Hill) – 296,8m – both located in Vidzeme highland.

Although this time we won’t run the highest hills, track will be challenging and dynamic enough. Race centre will be located at sports and leisure centre “Smeceres sils” near Madona.
In process of making distances for Stirnu buks a helpful hand was given by Gunārs Ikaunieks – head of sports and leisure center "Smeceres sils". Thank you! But, Gunārs, you will have to run yourself!

Track at the race day may differ form the track in the picture.
Picture is for an illustrative purpose only.
Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
Smecere pine forest

At sports and leisure centre “Smeceres sils” you will find excellent tracks for various winter sports (cross country skiing, biathlon) and summer sports (BMX, orienteering, MTB) trainings and competitions.

Map:: Karte // read more:: Smeceressils.lv.

Gaiziņkalns (Hill Gaiziņš)

At Vidzeme highland’s middle part of Vestiene range there is the highest spot in territory of Latvia – Gaiziņkalns with steep hillsides and breathtaking views.

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Krustkalni nature reserve

Krustkalni reserve is one of four nature reserves in Latvia. It stands out with its diversity of forests, meadows on hillsides and with founts rich in calx which make small lakes and marshes. The habitat is with a specific value with its plant species. Territory of the reserve is very hilly and through it flows river Svētupe and its creek – Niedruška. There are 13 lakes in reserve, from which Dreimaņi (or Svētes) lake, Lielais un Mazais Plencis (Big and Small Plencis) are the biggest.

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Teiči nature reserve

Teiči marsh is one of the largest untouched moss marsh in the Baltics. Wherever you look kilometers away there is only moss overgrown with small pines and frequent pools in marsh. Teiči reserve was made to protect this unique nature formation.

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Lake Lubāns

Lake Lubāns is the biggest lake in Latvia. It takes up 81,3 km2 large area in the case of normal water level and 9553 ha when water level is in its maximum. Its banks are transformed and surrounded by dyke and canal system. Water level is regulated with water-gate. Lubāns is the largest lake in Europe surrounded by dykes. Especially beautiful at the lake is in spring – before flying off to the North several thousand northern swans and white-fronted geese gather there.

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Kalsnava arboretum

Kalsnava arboretum has the biggest tree and tree-like plant collection in Eastern Latvia and it is one of Latvia’s most beautiful gardens. From early spring till late autumn in the arboretum one can see about 2500 different tree species and 45 000 saplings.

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Mārciena manor

SPA in an ancient rural manor with picturesque nature and very charming atmosphere offers a pleasant rest for everyone. SPA treatments and massages for the comfort of the body, healthy and delicious meals in manor’s restaurant and sweet dreams at hotel rooms – a complete set for a great rest.

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Madona beer

For all of the beer lovers – in Madona there is something for you to enjoy! At the moment there are 2 breweries in Madona region with quite similar names, but with different owners, location and beer. Ltd. "Madonas alus brūvētava" ("Madona brewery") produces beer called "Baudalus" and owners are Kelliji family, who already for long time are brewing beer in Madona region. The factory is located in Madona, Dārza street 12a.
Ltd. “Madona beer” is a brewery in the place of the historical Madona brewery. It is located in Prauliena municipality and has started its work in this autumn. Owner and brewer is Rolands Zaharovs – a young businessman whose wish is to restore "Madona beer" brand. Factory is open to visitors at Prauliena municipality, "Bodnieki".


Smecere tavern

Not far from Madona, in the valley of Smecere pine forest, you will be kindly welcomed in tavern “Smeceres krogs”. Pleasant place for rest, where together with friends you can spend time sitting by abundant table enjoying foods and drinks, play billiards and refresh yourself after sauna in a pool.

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Madona caramels

Caramel workshop – every dormouse’s dream! Every participant is given a chance to make and pack for taking home one’s caramels, which are made without artificial ingredients with various flavours and colours. Workshop offers such flavours: orange, banana, quince, lemon, cherry, peach, mint, plum, black currant, cranberry, strawberry, apple.

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