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Congratulations! You’ve reached the description page of trail run’s “Stirnu buks” sixth seasons third stage.

Start / Finish: Kalnsētas park, Saldus. GoogleMap here!

Race programme: HERE!

Detailed distance maps: HERE! / (bit.ly/KalnsetasStirnuBuks)

The GPX files are available here (click "Save link as"!):: “Vāvere – GPX”“Zaķis – GPX”“Stirnu buks – GPX”“Lūsis – GPX”.

Saldus is the one place that roe bucks haven’t visited yet! Is this really Latvia’s sweetest (a play of words, ‘salds’ means sweet in latvian) city or as they call themselves – “a drop of honey in Kurzeme”? Saldus gotiņa, Druva ice cream, festival “Saldus saule”, “Kārēs” bee apiary, flat trails (we’re not sure about this one) and who in the world is Janis Rozentāls? We’ll figure all this out on June 8th! Race centre will be located in Kalnsētas park’s stage!

Saldus is a city in Kurzeme – it lays near river Ciecere and is the centre of Saldus region. The city itself is 119 km away from Riga, but only 7 km away from its neighbouring town Brocēni. It’s said that sometimes life in Saldus is a quiet one, sometimes – secluded, but always – open and welcoming to anyone! One thing is known for sure – June 8th won’t be a silent one in Saldus! A sweet one? Maybe. Shall we take a look?

Looking for accommodation? turisms.saldus.lv / booking.com

Stirnu buks have been selflessly helped by Emīls and Oskars Zērņi from OK Saldus. A special thank you to Elga Grota that is responsible for all things related to sports in Saldus!

See you in Kalnsētas park!

Tūrisms.Saldus.lv | FB Saldus TIKS Centrs

Track at the race day may differ form the track in the picture.
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Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
Kalnsētas parks_450
Kalnsētas park and Kalnamuiža

Kalnsētas park is a beloved place for leisure and entertainment among locals. In park and near the banks of river Ciecere many trails can be found – both narrow, steep and romantic, and wide ones that are perfectly suited for leisurely walks. History of Kalnsētas park started in 19th century with establishment of Kalnamuiža. The beautiful manor originally called “Berghof” was created by baron Georg fon Reke and to accent its beauty a scenic park was made. River Ciecere that now flows through the park used to be a highway for boats in 17th century – during the times of duke Jacob the river was used for transporting the production from factories near Saldus. Nowadays the part of river that is in the park is shallow and filled with rocks, and a little waterfall near the stage has been created.

Google map:: HERE!

Saldus pilskalns_450
Lake Saldus and castle mound

Small but scenic lake Saldus is located near the city centre between several castle mounds. Lake’s territory takes up 11,9 ha. Next to it is a well-managed beach, a sport for recreation, infrastructure for volleyball, playgrounds and an outdoor café during the summer.

Saldus castle mound is not too far away from the lake. Curnonian artefacts that have been found near it are a proof that Saldus has been inhabited way before 12th century. Saldus castle mound is an archeologic monument of National significance. There are a lot of old tales about it which tell about the sweet life on the castle mound that end with a sentence “Ate sweet, drank sweet on the top of Saldus hill”. Biļļu hill that is near the road has a parking spot – there you can enjoy a marvellous view of lake Saldus and the castle mound.

Google map:: HERE!

Saldus – the city of Janis Rozentāls

When talking about Saldus, one simply cannot ignore the fact that it is the city of painter Janis Rozentāls. The artist was born not far away from Saldus but lived and painted there for quite some time. That’s why his presence in the city can be felt nearly everywhere.

For example, the workshop “Dream tower” was designed by artist himself and is now included in the complex of J. Rozentāls Saldus history and art museum on 22 Striķu street. There you can find a profound exhibition on artists biography, work and family but on the second floor you can find many of the artists originals.

Wikipedia:: Janis Rozentāls

Sātiņi bird watching tower and Kalnu nature trail

Sātiņi pond nature reserve that has been created to protect birds is formed by a complex of around 30 artificial fish ponds. In the spring time there is a wide range of birds that choose to nest there – the ones that are characteristic for Latvian fauna and the ones that are rare and protected in Europe. There is also a 10 m high bird watching tower between the ponds.

Kalnu nature trail in Nīgrande parish is around 1,5 kilometres long. It starts at the Kanavišķi reservoir water locks and goes right next to river Loša. On the trail you can find various signs and informational plaques about the sightseeing objects – a railway embarkment for brown coal transportation, blue clay steep coast and great stone of Airišī.

Google map:: HERE!

Historic vehicles, a shooting range and a polygon in Zvārde parish

Anyone interested is welcome to see “Collection of historic vehicles” that has been created by enthusiastic Jānis Dobelis and includes all kinds of transport – from regular cars to trucks and motorcycles. Make a reservation before the visit! (mobile: 29163603)

Zvārde polygon, on the other hand, was created during the Soviet times. It served as a USSR air force target polygon. Its territory included not only farmer parishes but also Zvārde and Ķērkliņi churches. Unfortunately, both churches were left in ruins together with the destroyed Rīteļi cemetery.

On the territory of former polygon there is a shooting range “Lapsas” where anyone can try or check their shooting abilities. Expert shooting instructors will train you and give instructions on safe and correct shooting. zvardessautuve.lv; mobile: +371 28338705

Nature and cultural riches of Ezere

Ezere town that is a part of Saldus region can also be proud of various sightseeing objects. For example, there you can find Ezere manor and the baron Nolken family chapel. The spacious manor park lures the visitors in with its beautiful trails, many foreign tree and bush species, and the great stone “Vadakstes valdnieks” that was transported there from river Vadakste banks by the inhabitants of the manor.

It’s definitely worth to see the Ezere water mill built in early 20th century and the interesting mill pond water locks that have been made to resemble a silhouette of a maple leaf.

Google map:: HERE!

Traditional Latvian pattern workshop and Kapeller house pottery

Kapeller house awaits by offering various activities. For example, by typing your birth date in a special app, you can create a unique traditional Latvian pattern. The union “Kapeller house” also offers a team game “Pocket-size Saldus”. In the course of this game you must visit 14 different objects in the city centre and fill out 18 tasks. This way you learn about history of Saldus, it’s famous citizens and the environment. If you want to take part in this adventure, reserve a spot prior to visiting! (mobile: 26760148 or 2623757)

The beautiful Jaunauce manor and park

The ampoule style master house of Jaunauce manor was built in the beginning of 19th century for count Mēdems. In the beginning of 20th century architect Makss Aleks fon der Rop restored the interior. Manor has the largest interior complex collection of late 19th century and the only authentic classic style dome painting in Latvia.

There is also 7,7 ha big manor park that is filled with various foreign tree and bush species. You can also find a pond with a canal and even a restored old-time tennis court in the park.

Google map:: HERE!

Rozentāla akmens Kalnsētas parkā_450
Route "Following the tracks of Rozentāls in Saldus"

Any city guest is welcome to follow through a special route dedicated to Janis Rozentāls that includes places where the artists used to live, gain inspiration and paint. Several destinations of the route are complemented with reproductions of the original paintings that show the spot just like the painter saw it. (GPS 56.669893, 22.512118)

Cieceres dabas taka_450
Ciecere nature trail

The beautiful 370 m long nature and hiking trail stretches next to the river Ciecere, starting from Saule street bridge up to Kuldīga street bridge. However, you could say that it goes right up to the lake Saldus if a bridge is crossed. Due to the limited territory and lowlands the trail takes a form of a wooden pathway which can be comfortably used by families with baby carriages or people with disabilities. There is a plaque with information on the flora and fauna near the trail.

Google map:: HERE!

Strūklaka Medus pilens M. Čaklā skvērā_450
Fountain “Drop of honey” in Māris Čaklais square

The fountain “Drop of honey” sculpturally created by local sculptor Kārlis Īle proudly stands on the square named after Saldus’s poet Māris Čaklais. The idea of the fountain roots itself in poet’s comparison that the city is like “a drop of honey in Kurzeme bowl”.

Google map:: HERE!

Lauku sēta Puteņi_450
“Puteņi” farm

Zvārde parish is home to the cozy “Puteņi” farm that offers a chance to see birds and pets that are characteristic to Latvia. You can also go on an excursion or a hike around Zvārde parish organized by the owner himself, but the owner’s wife will offer you to get to know traditional rituals and shenanigans as well as a master class of caraway cheese or other traditional Latvian foods. Another option – rent a bike or go on a ride in a horse carriage! Make a reservation before coming or a visit!

“Puteņi”, Zvārde parish, Saldus region, mobile: +371 25915640 // https://www.celotajs.lv/lv/e/puteni

Cieceres ezera skatu tornis_450
Lake Ciecere watchtower

18 m high watchtower near the lake Ciecere shows you the most beautiful scenery around it. Considering that the tower itself is on a 12 m high hill, the total height of it is significantly bigger! You will find a well looked after recreational spot and a place for swimming near the tower.

Google map:: HERE!

Sweet tour of Saldus

Milk candy “Gotiņa”

Make your own bread!

Bee apiary “Kārēs”

Read more:: latvia.travel

Līvi – “Saldus sun” (Ēriks Ķiģelis / Māris Čaklais)

In autumn she’s like rye bread
Broken up into warm pieces
Heated up in a winter’s pocket
I eat her up like a carrot
Duting the summer she pats the children’s heads
Ever so lovely
That wiaitng for spring’s arrival
Becomes so easy
Sun you get only once, sun you can never lose
Sun you get only once, sun you can never lose