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Congratulations! You have come to the page description of the third stage of the trail run series "Stirnu Buks 2018"!

Start / Finish :: "Vanagkalns" in Jaunpiebalga parish. GoogleMap here!

Competition Program:: here

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The name "Piebalga" was first recorded in 1244, when the Livonian Order of the Sword, dividing the land of Tālava, acquired the main trade routes along the River Gauja on the Tērbatas and Pskov towns in the land of the lord of King Talivaldis’ son Ramek. In the past two centuries, Piebalga is a place which can be called the cradle of Latvian culture, because a large number of the great historically and culturally important personalities have come from, however, but not only because of a patriotic look in history the “Stirnu Buks” competition have come here at the peek of the Latvian summer!

The Jaunpiebalga district is located in the Vidzeme Central Highlands with the river Gauja, the hills, valleys and winding roads. Here, it’s no use to look for easy trails or traditional forests, but the hills, lakes, countryside farms, pastures and road network making up an unforgettable, and especially Piebalga-like landscape. It often seems like you're in a big open-air museum!

For the first time in the "Stirnu Buks" history the 3rd race of the series 2018 will take place in the afternoon. Raimonds Dombrovskis, the legendary landowner of Vanagkalns, will take part in the competition, in order to invite the runners to take in  the flavors and the characteristic scents of the abundant meadows of the Midsummer and gather the winners around the bonfire for a storytime and, later, jointly awaiting the celebrated Piebalga sunset! More about Vanagkalns :: SkiRiver.lv

Raimonds Dombrovskis and Artis Ločmelis are actively helping to create tracks for Stirnu buks of Piebalga. After finishing, do not hesitate to look these two men in your eyes to say a big ... “thank you”! Let's Meet in Piebalga !!!

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Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race

Piebalga is one of the cultural and historical districts in the central part of Vidzeme. Today, in its territory Vecpiebalga (consisting of Ineši, Kaive, Taurene, Dzērbene and Vecpiebalga parishes) and Jaunpiebalga (consisting of Jaunpiebalga and Zosēnu parish) are located in its territory.You will find more travel information about Piebalga:: jaunpiebalga.lv I vecpiebalga.lv I turismagids.lv


In the winter there is a cross-country ski track, and in the summer there are cottages with a possibility to stay overnight and an amusing little restaurant for lovers of active recreation! Here you will find the owner Raimonds Dombrovskis, seven times the US champion in biathlon. Big things are comprised of a multitude of tiny little things! Vanagkalns is a special place for lovers of active recreation. Finding yourself in Vanagkalns means respecting nature, going into silence, meeting close and loving people, meeting people with similar interests, listening to music and dreaming of a beautiful future! Google map: here!

The twists and turns of Vecpiebalga-Jaunpiebalga Motorway

Driving from Riga on the Vidzeme highway and turning to Berzkrope in the direction of Vecpiebalga, I always feel a range of pleasant feelings, but when I get to Vecpiebalga, and take the turning to Jaunpiebalga, I am overcome by childlike excitement! In my opinion, the regional motorway P33 Vecpiebalga-Jaunpiebalga is one of the most beautiful roads in the whole of Latvia! Hills, lakes, countryside forests, grasslands and endless turns! Keep your eyes wide open!

Baņuta Museum at the Skrāģu Pub and the "Shrine" of Māra

Among the four hills is the museum for the first Latvian national opera "Baņuta" and Artūrs Krūmiņš the author of the libretto. Director, public and cultural worker Guntis Gailitis together with the people of Zosēni parish gather people interested in art to participate in the local Art festival each year in August near the “Māra Shrine” and Māra (also called Kāpurkalna) Lake. Google map: here!

Exposition of the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum "Vēveri"

We strongly recommend you to visit another unusual and authentic place - the rural exposition "Vēveri" of the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, located seven kilometers from Vecpiebalga. A settlement of  an ancient group of farmers and craftsmen in Vēveri is an example of traditional construction of the Baltic tribes. There you can see the exposition with ancient tools, household items, while from the restored windmills you can spot an outline of Piebalga in the distance. Google map: here! I Latvia.Travel

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A bike ride "Over Piebalga Hills"

If you still have it in you to bike next day after the race of "Piebalga Stirnu Buks" and you have managed to somehow stuff a bike in the boot of your car - you can go on a bike tour. The bike ride has two distances: 29 and 63km. You can see the routes HERE!

The Manor house of Vecpiebalga

Six kilometers from Vecpiebalga, in Ineši, there is the Vecpiebalga Manor built in the late 18th century, with a classicism-based building ensemble surrounded by a park of 4.2 hectares. Interestingly, you will find Orisāre - the shortest river in Latvia running along the manor. Moreover, recalling the classics, it is worth mentioning that this manor served as a prototype for Slātava Manor in the Latvian classic novel "Mērnieku Laiki" by the Brothers Kaudzītis. Google map: HERE!

Alauksts Lake

Vecpiebalga has been mentioned in songs for a long time as a place where the water-lilies are blooming in the summer, because there is a wonderful lake in the area, which is also beautiful in the wintertime and abundant in fish as well. The Alauksts Lake is not only the largest, but also one of the most popular places in Latvia among winter anglers. They say that last year some diligent anglers have managed to catch more fish in Alauksts than in the famous Estonian Lake Peipus! Google map: HERE!

Places of the legendary Latvian novel "Mērnieku laiki"

The Novel "Mērnieku Laiki"written in 1879 by the brothers Reinis and Matīss Kaudzītis is the first Realism novel written in the Latvian language. The events take place in two invented Vidzeme parishes (Slātava and Čangaliena) at the time when land surveyors arrive there to measure and divide the manor. The prototype for the sites and characters of the novel were taken from the Piebalga County, where the authors lived. Memorial Museum of  Brothers Kauzītis "Kalna Kaibēni".

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See you in Piebalga!

We express our gratitude to the authors of the photos: Marika Eglīte, Aivis Šulcs, Latvia.Travel.