15-04-2017 Zilo kalnu stirnu buks
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Stirnu buks
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Congratulations! You have reached the info page for the second race of trail running series "Stirnu buks 2017"!
Start/finish: GoogleMap here!
Detailed distance maps: (TBC)

Paths of the second run of trail run series will lead participants into particularly protected nature area “Ogres Zilie kalni” (“Blue Hills of Ogre”). The largest part of the territory of the nature park is occupied by especially rare habitat – coniferous forests on gravel and sand ridges which are derived from melting glaciers. These ridges in average are 5 – 10 m high with explicitly steep edges which rise over surrounding area. That means – it is an excellent place both to have a good run and to climb up!

It is believed that the name of the Blue hills comes from characteristic coniferous forests which have blueish shade when looking from the top of gravel and sand ridges.

It is interesting, that in the eastern part of the complex in territory of Ogre there is a castle mound Zilais kalns which is included in State protected nature object register. As it is told by castle mound explorer Ernests Brastiņš, Zilais kalns is discovered in 1907. and it rises 27 m above the surroundings. Over the mound there was an old road from Ogre to Tīnūži, which later was tracked more aside to the North, to the foot of the hillside. It is believed that the castle mound was a shelter - people didn’t live there constantly, but only hid there in the case of danger. When we look to a landscape today, the castle mound comes in to sight very poorly and a great number of visitors have no knowledge of it, although there is an information stand on the top of the mound.

And – to be clear – although the nature park is closely located by the territory of Ogre city, the biggest part of it is in Ikšķile regional community.

Important websites for exploring this region: VisitOgre.lv, ZilieKalni.lv

In the process of making tracks for Stirnu buks we are grateful for help of Jānis Gailis and Roberts Ivzāns. Don’t be shy and after finishing look them both in the eyes to say – thanks!

See You at Zilie kalni!!!

Track at the race day may differ form the track in the picture.
Picture is for an illustrative purpose only.
Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
Nature park "Ogres Zilie kalni" ("Blue Hills of Ogre")

There is a tale of a devil who carried a sack of sand to Rīga, but during the way he got tired so he lied down in a swampy place to rest. Some kids wanted to fool him and pulled out a hole in the sack. Devil woke up and, not noticing anything, put the sack on his shoulders and continued his way. That’s how the sand got scattered and gravel and sand ridges were made - they became the Blue Hills (Zilie Kalni) or the so called Devil’s bed.

ZilieKalni.lv // Photo:: RīgasMeži, f64

02_Zilo kalnu skatu tornis_450
View tower

Opened at the end of 2013 and is located at the very top of the nature park “Ogres Zilie kalni”, which is about 90m above sea level. The tower is 20m high and from it one can see the whole city of Ogre in the midst of the woods, when looking at Ikšķile view uncovers the St. Meinhard island, but in a clear day you can even manage to see Rīga with the TV tower.

Photo:: VisitOgre.lv

View platform

An enchanting view opens up from the platform to Dubkalni water-reservoir. It is located by the steep of Dubkalni water-reservoir, which can be reached with the help of a beautiful wooden staircase winding through a pine grove.

Photo:: VisitOgre.lv

Giant’s path

It is a route made in trees from rope and wood constructions and it includes three circles with different difficulty levels. Length of the route is 600m, height up to 11m, down-slides 30m and 70m. Route consists of 65 barriers.

Photo:: MilžuTaka.lv

Špakovska parks_450
Dendrological park "Lazdukalni"

The so called Shpakovsky park (Špakovska parks) is located in Pārogre and it is 5.9 ha in size. There grows 412 tree species, decorative shrubs and 7000 different plantations. To the top of the hill you can get by paths and climbing 100 steps. From the view tower past treetops you can enjoy a beautiful view on the river Daugava.

How to find:: Karte // More info:: VisitOgre.lv

šūpoļu parks ķeipenē_450
Swing park in Ķeipene

Swinging is a quite healthy activity – it arranges and balances human’s energy. Swing is a source for energy accumulation. When there is a powerful energy maximum forming in nature, you can get a great part of it by swinging. Swing lets you to break loose from earth, allows to catch nature’s rhythm and to feel cheerful in your heart.

How to find:: Karte // More info:: VisitOgre.lv

Cinema station in Ķeipene

Cinema station is a railway station in Ķeipene with the only one rail section preserved in former railway line Rīga – Ērgļi. There is also an exposition for the prominent film director Sergejs Eizenšteins, old cinematographic equipment, a real marine navigation fire mark dedicated to cinema operator J. Podnieks and an environment installation – a huge table for cinema geniuses. This table is 6m high, alongside it has two chairs and one of them has a stylized illuminator in its back. The table has a built-in staircase which allows using it as a view platform.

How to find:: Karte // More info:: VisitOgre.lv

SierŠtelles – cottage cheese factory

In 2009. a new brand, named „SierŠtelle”, was born and in Ogre the very first shop of this company was opened. Now the assortment of „SierŠtelle” consists of 31 various tastes, e.g., cheese with drops of chocolate in chocolate icing, with walnuts and prunes, with olives in grape leaves, chanterelles, sun-dried tomatoes etc. The factory processes about 350 – 1000 liters of milk a day. Amount of production in few years time has increased from 100kg to 10t a month.

How to find:: Karte // More info:: VisitOgre.lv // Photo:: Latvia.Travel


Museum "Technology from the past"

In this museum you can see a collection of automobiles from the Soviet times. There are both „zhiguli” and „moskvitch” which were very popular back in the day. By the time museum’s collection was complemented with more exhibits from the Soviet time: toy cars, collection of vehicle license plates and even petrol station equipment.

How to find:: Karte // More info:: VisitOgre.lv


Libert’s birch sap and wine cellar

Birches are the biggest passion of Linards Liberts. He is bound with these trees for many years. It all started with binding of sauna whisks. Afterwards, in 2010 he decided to have a try in wine making and first six casks of birch sap wine were made. After one more year he started to make a cellar where he can invite guests, tell them about the process of wine making and to give them a chance to see all the casks and hundreds of bottles with the fermented drink hidden in the dusky cellar.

How to find:: Karte // More info:: Latvia.Travel

Ikšķile church ruins on Saint Meinhard’s island

Ruins of Ikšķile church - oldest ruins of a brick building in Latvia are located on a small island – St. Meinhard’s island – in artificially created Riga hydropower station water–reservoir. Ikšķile church was built in 1185. in a guidance of bishop Meinhard, rebulit from 1879 to 1881 and destroyed in 1916. After over-flooding of Riga hydropower station water-reservoir in 1970s it is surrounded by water.

How to find:: Karte // More info:: Latvia.Travel

Viking ship "Üxküll"

"Üxküll" is a 2.20 m wide and 9 m long viking ship which is made from oak in authentic viking traditions. If it is windy, the ship can go with the sail, but if it isn’t – the bravest ones can challenge themselves and paddle.

Read more:: blog.udensprieks.lv, map:: Karte

StarSpace observatory

A place to watch the stars.

More info:: StarSpace