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Stirnu buks
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Congratulations! You have reached the description page of trail run’s “Stirnu buks” sixth season’s sixth stage!

Race centre:: Krimulda manor park. GoogleMap here!

Race programme:: here!

Detailed distance maps:: bit.ly/KrimuldasStirnuBuks

Distance GPX files available here (press “Savel ink as”!):: “Vāvere – GPX”“Zaķis – GPX”“Stirnu buks – GPX”“Lūsis – GPX”.

“Holiday in Krimulda: what to see and enjoy”:: Tūrismagids.lv

“Holiday route: Sigulda – bridges, caves and serpentines”:: Tūrismagids.lv

Modern roads connecting towns of Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida have been built throughout centuries. If you look at the ancient maps, it’s obvious that many of the old roads have disappeared, many have been rebuilt but a lot of them have preserved as witnesses of historical events. This time we’ll try to enjoy at least a part of them, while of course visiting some of the most popular tourism objects located in the picturesque Gauja valley!

EnterGauja:: “Each moment spent in the Gauja National park is saturated with the presence of nature. Just like a fern, opening its leaves, Gauja slowly takes you deeper into the mystical world of untouched nature, where every tree has as legend to tell.”

The race centre located on the territory of Krimulda manor is an exciting destination as well – the restored main house, historical outbuildings and impressive parks with their massive oak trees create a sensation of being in a peaceful town. And we won’t even mention the dreamy view over Gauja valley and the Sigulda cable car that you can enjoy from the main house…

It’s more than obvious that there’ll be plenty to see on this run! The co-author of countless Roe buck trails Artis Ločmelis stresses: “Massage your thighs well!”, as the hills, valleys, technical trails and steep highs are no strangers on the Krimulda, Turaida and Sigulda side! Let’s also take note, that our trails are located on the territory of Gauja National Park, which is well-known for its vast biological diversity, bold relief, springs, sandstone outcrops, picturesque views, as well as peculiar relicts of nature and cultural history. So, remember – run only on the trails that have been marked for this occasion!

The up-until-now-unknown trails were introduced to us by Kaspars Kārkliņš (head of “Sigulda Marathon club”) and Artis Ločmelis (“VSK Burkānciems”)! A special “Thank you!” for practical advice and tips on how to behave ourselves in an especially sensitive are goes out to the experts form Vidzeme region Nature Consevarion Agency’s Department of Nature protection!

See you in the romantic Krimulda manor of Gauja valley!!! krimuldasmuiza.lv

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Track at the race day may differ form the track in the picture.
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Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
Gauja National park

Each moment spent in Gauja National park is saturated with the essence of nature. This is not your average park – this is a place where you seek adventure, explore, gain knowledge and where each moment becomes a unique experience. The largest national park in Baltics was established more than 40 years ago. GNP protects the treasures of Gauja region, including a varied selection of plant, bird and insect species.

The beginnings of Gauja valley can be traced back 350 million years, but its current form was created at the end of the Ice age, when melting glaciers washed out the valleys. The park itself is wired through by Latvia’s longest river Gauja. EnterGauja.com

Krimulda manor

The regal main house of Krimulda manor was built in the middle of 19th century in the style of neoclassicism. However, in the 1930 the house was enriched by building a vast wooden summer pavilion that currently serves as a hostel. The main house offers a stunning view over the Gauja valley and travelling cable cars that connect two banks of river Gauja.

EnterGauja.com | GoogleMap

Sigulda cable car

Sigulda cable car provides everyone with a chance to overlook Gauja valley from a bird’s view, including a sight over Sigulda and Turaida castles, Krimulda manor and Bobsleigh and sleigh track “Sigulda”. The cable car connects the river banks of 1025 m in length and 43 m in height.

tourism.sigulda.lv | siguldaadventures.com

Gūtmaņa cave

The most ancient tourism object in Latvia – Gūtmaņa cave is colored by powerful legends and historical aura. Upon entrance in the wide cave you’ll feel its clear and cool air, as well as presence of generations-old stories and people. When playing in the flowing spring don’t forget to look up, as the walls will be decorated by sunshine, reflected on the walls. Legend says that in the old times the cave was inhabited by a good man that used to heal people, using the water from spring. The name of the came comes from German “gut Mann” which translates to “good man”. That’s why people say that the spring is blessed with healing powers. Take a sip of its water and gain inspiration from cave’s legends! By the way, this is the place where legend of the Turaida rose began!

EnterGauja.com | GoogleMap

Velnala cliffs and Velna ala (Devil’s cave)

Velnala cliffs make the last of Gauja valley’s most impressive cliff wall – 250 m long and 15 m high. Cliffs have created during the Devonian era over 10 000 years ago. 22,5 m deep Velnala (total length of passages – 35 m) goes through the yellow sand rocks of Gauja suite, 8 m higher than the water level of river Gauja. It was created thanks to a spring that has dried out after the cave partly collapsed. Since 1980’s the cave has been closed for entrance as it’s deemed not safe, although prior to that there were wooden constructions leading up to it. Up until that time it was a popular tourism object that attracted its visitors with stories of it being an ancient place of worship.

EnterGauja.com | GoogleMap

Kubesele nature trail

Kubesele nature trail is 3,6 km long. It starts and ends next to the Krimulda Evangelical Lutheran church which was built in 1205. Right across the bridge over river Runtiņa is the Kubesele castle mound – in 1775 a pastor’s house was built on it. At the foot of the castle mound, on the shore of river Runtiņa, is a small hill which is considered to be the grave of Kaupo. Not too far away from Kaupo’s grave is legendary Kubesele cave. A little bit further, passing through forests decorating banks of Gauja, the trail reaches Saulstari cave sandstone outcrops. But if you look far enough, there’s the Great rock or Runtiņa spring stone from which a strong spring comes out. And the banks of river Gauja hide the rafter’s creations – cement anchor blocks.

The trail continues in the forest where the trees camouflage the ancient graves of Balts and Livs, as well as Gauja graveyard and the old Graveyard of Barons.

EnterGauja.com | GoogleMap | Daba.gov.lv

The Witches park

The Witches park is an impressive object with more than 20 open-air sculptures, created by multiple Latvian sculptors.

The park itself is open-air sculpture collection created by the sculptor Juris Švalbe and can be found in the farmstead “Ziemelis”. If you wish to come for a visit, remember that park is a private collection that can be seen if you sign up prior. (Phone +371 26336617)

The Witches park | GoogleMap | TūrismaGids.lv

08_Avotu Birzs_300
The grove of springs

One of the most fabled places in Krimulda is the grove of springs and outcrops of river Brasla rocks that can reach up to 25 m.

History suggests that the owner of Inciems manor, fon Tinhauzen, had a hunting castle. On its grounds he worked to make a park of rare tree species. While walking around the grove of springs you may feel both the charm of the past and come upon the manor’s graveyard. It still holds onto one gravestone – on it is the name of Emilia fon Tinhauzen. Legend has it that her last wish, which was fulfilled, was to have her favourite hound buried next to her.

GoogleMap | TūrismaGids.lv

Coasteering along the river Brasla

Coasteering – walking along river banks – is the best way to discover the hidden treasures of Krimulda county. River Brasla is one of the most beautiful and tiniest Latvian rivers. It takes you by surprise with its feral nature and many rock outcrops. The overall length of river Brasla is 68 km. It is the right tributary of river Gauja and flows through three counties – Limbaži, Pārgauja and Krimulda. River Brasla has been well-loved by not only boaters, but also hiking enthusiasts who are not afraid of relief variety, wild trails and colossal views.

If you choose to hike, it’s recommended to start at the Katrīndzirnavas cave next to the A3 highway. Find hiking route’s hidden treasures here: TūrismaGids.lv

Coasteering along the river Loja

Coasteering enthusiasts will also enjoy a walk along river Loja, that reaches the length of 26 km and flows out of lake Jērklule. Maybe you've heard the other names of Loka, such as Loģe and Klinšupīte. This river is the right tributary of river Gauja in Krimulda and Sēja counties. Interestingly enough, if you look at the maps from 17th century, this river is also called the "Stream of the cancer king". It is famous for its many sandstone outcrops in which you can sometimes find the remains of placodermi. Legend says that in the past locals used to give these outcrops quite poetic names, for example "Jump of the knight", "Andrejs' cliff", "Martin's wall", "Loreleja" etc.

Start your hike at Katrīndzirnavu cave next to the A3 highway. Treasures of this hiking route: TūrismaGids.lv

11_Reina trase_300
Reiņa trase

"Reiņa trase" is one of the oldest and most popular skiing centres in Latvia. During winter you can ski on different tracks and slide down the hill using inflatable cameras, but during the sumeer – play gold, volleyball, mini football and go on a bike ride.

Reinatrase.lv | GoogleMap

Sigulda Footballgolf park

Footballgolf – it’s an open-air game and its objective is to kick the ball in the hole by using the least amount of kicks. The park has 18 holes of different difficulties and obstacles.

Siguldasfutbolgolfaparks.lv | GoogleMap


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