28-07-2018 Kamparkalna stirnu buks
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Stirnu buks
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Congratulations! You have come to the info page of the 4th stage of the trail run series "Stirnu Buks 2018"!

Start/ Finish:: "Kamparkalns", Lībagu parish, Talsi district. GoogleMap here!

Competition Program:: HERE (coming soon)!

Detailed distance maps:: HERE

If you would like to see a map of the distances on your mobile phone, download LVM GEO mobile app in the Google Play Store or AppStore!

Data Files for LVM GEO Mobile App:: Lūsis (Kamparkalns, 2018)Stirnu buks (Kamparkalns, 2018)Zaķis (Kamparkalns, 2018)Vāvere (Kamparkalns, 2018)

Remote GPX files are available here (click on "Save link as"!): “Vāvere – GPX”“Zaķis – GPX”“Stirnu buks – GPX”“Lūsis – GPX".

The natural landscapes of Vanema hills in the Ziemeļkursa highland have been declared specially protected natural areas and are currently part of the Talsi Hills Natural Park. Small patches of dense forests stand amidst wast fields sheltering hillside valleys with steep slopes among which small lakes are flickering like winking eyelets. The highest peak of the Ziemeļkurzeme Highland is Kamparkalns (174.8 mamsl), which is overgrown with fir and birch forest with a tall view tower on the top. There are ski slopes with ski lifts on the foothills of Kamparkalns. Exactly here there will be the info center of the competition!

Useful links for exploring this area:: Kamparkalns.lv I Talsitourism.lv I Latvia.Travel.lv

Our acknowledgments go to a bunch of local guys from from the "Talsi Hill Sports Club": Gints Lūsis, Karlis Vanags, Juris Damškalns and Almants Kalniņš. Thank you, friends, for helping us create the tracks for the Stirnu Buks of Kamparkalns!

See you in Kamparkalns !!!

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Дистанции и достопримечательные места в ближайшеи округе
6 Kamparkalna skatu tornis_450

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8 Mini zoo Ranco_450

9 laumas_450

10 Sasmakas ezera peldvieta_450

11 Dienlilju darzs_450

12 Lielzeltinu observatorija_450

14 Sabiles_Vina_svetki_450

2 Maksla uzzied Talsos_450

3 Talsu ezera promenade_450