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The season of the trail run series "Stirnu Buks 2018" slowly but steadily has taken a course towards its final and most important stage, especially for the runners who are fighting for the highest possible scores in the season's overall ranking! What's the highest place in Latvia, if not in Gaiziņš Hill? Even though there are a few well-beaten paths here - there are mostly gravel roads and off-roads here. The exciting challenges of these terrains has been our main motivation to organize one of the most important stages of the series in the nature park "Gaiziņkalns"! And you'll have to climb  the highest hill in Latvia! Even more so - several times !!! There is no shortage of slopes in Gaiziņkalns ( the Big and Small "Golgāts", the West slope, the “Ladies' paradise” etc.)! There is no place in Latvia closer to the sky!

Start/Finish :: Recreation complex "Golgāts", Berzaune parish, Madona region. Google MAP HERE*Be careful! Do not enter the "Gaiziņkalns" (!!!) into navigation equipment, unless you drive with 4×4 or a tank!

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Gaiziņkalns is the highest hill in Latvia. The absolute height of the hill is 311.94 m.a.s.l., its relative height is - 61.6 m, it stretches about 1 km long and 650 m wide. The word "Gaiziņš" originates from the name “Gaiszinis” (Lat. “know-the-air”), because the mountain is still considered a reliable weather forecaster. If it is covered in fog, then no later than on the third day, precipitation is expected.

Nature park "Gaiziņkalns" stretches around Gaiziņkalns (2026 ha, founded in 1957). The territory is designed to protect the characteristic landscapes of Vidzeme upland, hilly reliefs and lakes, their natural and cultural values. It is defined as an outstandingly picturesque landscape characteristic of Vidzeme region. The nature park is part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas of the European Union.

Gaiziņkalns contains 1 of the 16 "Strūve geodetic circle" points in the territory of Latvia. The point was called Gaisakalns, and it was measured in 1824 by the famous Friedrich Georges Wilhelm Strūve. The Strūve geodetic circle is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The development of our track was greatly helped by Artis Ločmelis (OK Burkānciems), Juris Stradiņš (recreation center GOLGĀTS), Pēteris Ločmelis (Piekūni.lv).

The highest hill in Latvia from the bird's eye point of view :: PHOTO

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Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
Welcome to Madona Region!

Madona region, which consists of two distinct areas - Vidzeme Central Uplands and Lubāna Plain, is abundant in several significant natural objects on a national scale. In Madona district there is Gaiziņkalns, which is the highest hill in Latvia (312 m.a.s.l.), providing active ski and cross-country skiing in winter, and well-groomed hiking trails in the summer. Lake Madona and also partly Lake Lubāna, the largest lake in Latvia (14 km in length and 9m in width) are located in the region. There are also two protected nature reserves in the region: Krustkalni and Teiči, as well as the most visited dendrological garden owned by and located in the territory of the Latvian  State Forests - Kalsnava Arboretum.

More information: www.visitmadona.lv

Gaiziņkalns carnival

The origins of the Gaiziņas carnival cn be traced back to the thirties. Every year a group of skiers from Riga went to Gaiziņš to spend their holidays in a sporty spirit. Many at that time traveled to Gaiziņš on a ski train. In the evening it went out of Riga and around dozens came to the Marciena station, from which Gaiziņš is 14 kilometers away. One day in 1936, Funķis (Bruno Kalnins, an actor of the theater of amateur theater) came up with the idea that everyone should be dressed up and the carnival should be organized. So it was done! Everyone was wearing something that could be found at that time - someone covered up with a large sack, another pulled up the old ladies' skirts and sneaked something around their head. The carnivals, as we understand today, began during the next generation of skiers. Every year, people's interest in Gaiziņkalns carnival in its golden days, the event brought together thousands of people from all over Latvia. Gorgeous and unique, spooky and funny masks. The people  dressed up also slided down-hill in their own improvised homemade sledges.


Nature park "Gaiziņkalns"

Gaiziņkalns is the highest hill in Latvia. The absolute height of the hill is 311.94 m, its relative height is 61.6 m, it extends ~ 1 km in length and 650 m in width. Visitors can walk a 2km long trail that runs one way across the top of the hill, but returns along the scenic hilltop path. From the top of the hill, you will find panoramic landscapes. The name of Gaiziņš has originated from the name Gaiszinis (Lat. "know-the-air"), because the mountain is still considered a reliable weather forecaster. If it  is covered in fog or the mist or there is a misty smoke rising from the hill, then rain is in three day's time expected.


Ski Track "Golgāts"

The name of the "Golgāts" (Lat. Golghota) hiking route was created during the days when winter lovers from Riga went to Gaiziņš by the ski train "Sniedziņš" to Ērgļi, then 24 km hike was done to reach Gaiziņš, carrying the skis over the shoulder. They disappeared in Gaiziņš, spent the night at "Kulitēni" farmhouse and went back to the train in the morning. The hike, we must admit - not one of the easiest, which is how it also gained the name of the Golgotha Road and, accordingly, the “Golgotha” skiing track.

* The recreation center "Gaiziņš" located at the northern foothills of the hill, offering: a cafe, a cable carriage "Tarzāns", tobogganing in the water (40 m), sauna, lodging, rest and camping places. gaizins.lv


The Neighborhood of Gaiziņkalns

In the vicinity of Gaiziņkalns, there are also other great hills of Latvia - Sirdskalns hill (297 m above sea level), Abriena hill (287 m above sea level), Dravēni Hill (283 m above sea level). At the foot of Gaiziņš, 8 of the 10 highest peaks of Latvia are located. There are also three of Latvia's highest lakes above the sea level: Lake Taleja, Virkstenis un Žautrītis.

Kalsnava arboretum

Kalsnava Arboretum is the largest collection of trees in Eastern Latvia, where around 2500 different tree species and 45000 plants can be seen from early spring to late autumn. The total area of Kalsnava arboretum is 143.96 hectares, of which the trees and shrubs cover 99 hectares. Created for observing and scientific research in dendrology and forestry, as well as for the production of citrus trees for the production of propagating material. It is recognized as a specially protected nature area.Only in Kalsnava is it possible to see rarities such as: tulip trees, snowflake tree of Virginia, magnolia Kobe and others. 



Lake Lubāns and its surroundings

The largest inland wetland complex in Latvia - the "Lubān's Wetland" nature reserve, which provides ample opportunities for recreation and nature watching,spreads around the largest lake in Latvia - Lubāns. The largest lake in Latvia extends up to 14 km long and 9 km wide, there is the Lubān's Wetland Information Center, bird observation towers (225 bird species are observed in the territory). Put on a fishermen's yard and pamper your taste buds with freshly smoked fish, which melt in your mouth! Or pre-order the culinary heritage of Latgale: the fish soup in the fishing farm "Zvejnieki". Be a true protagonist and swim in the mythical Lake Teiruminiai in the bog! After  the swim in the clean bog lake water will be soft and glowy like a baby's!


The training center "Pakalnieši"

The training centre “Pakalnieši”  is located in a beautiful place in the Vestiena municipality of Madona district, on the shores of Lake Viešūra, near Gaiziņkalns. Study tours with interactive programs: "Animal house trophies" (interactive nature trail, length - 1 km, knowledge of wildlife and bird habits, recognition of animal skin and feet, etc.), "New Forestry" (familiarization of forest elements, trial of different forestry instruments, etc.). "Paper Making", a role-playing game with dressing, souvenir making from natural materials.

Address: Pakalnieši, Vestienas parish, Madonas county, LV-4855, tel. +371 26141853 e-mail: danuta.kiopa@mkpc.llkc.lv