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Congratulations! You have reached the page of trail race series’ "Roe buck 2020" second stage!

Did you really think that "Roe buck" ran out of all the gunpowder in the first stage "Zvārte rock Roe buck"? Really??

The patron of this stage is none other than the patriot of the Ērgļi county, visionary of the local less-known opportunities of recreation, the owner of Ērgļi station Māris Olte shares his wisdom: “At the crossroads, there is always a chance to start everything anew – and nothing is impossible! In Ērgļi you will seek hills that give joy (!!!) and a relief worthy of heart palpitations.” We ourselves thought long and hard of the meaning behind Māris’ words, but the answer will most likely be found only during the “Ērgļi railway station Roe buck” on September 12th!

The distance between the race centre and Ērgļi railway station is a mere few hundred metres, but on September 12th this will be the exact location of the grand Tourism gathering”!

Race centre:: Next to the Open-Air Ērgļi stage, surrounded by river Ogre and Zaļā street. GoogleMap here!

Race programme:: HERE!

Detailed distance maps:: Distance Lynx, Distance Roe buck, Distance Hare, Distance Squirrel

Distance GPX files available here (press “Save link as”!):: “Squirrel – GPX”, “Hare – GPX”, “Roe buck – GPX”, “Lynx – GPX”

“Holiday destination: ideas for a great weekend in Ērgļi”:: Tūrismagids.lv

But what exactly is so special about Ērgļi? Well, Ērgļi is a populated place in Vidzeme and it also happens to be in the middle of Ērgļi municipality. River Ogre goes through this town as well. In our opinion, this is the “golden vein” of Latvian active tourism – here lay the Vestiene hills (Gaiziņkalns, Sirdskalns etc.), valleys of river Ogre and Vecpiebalga!

The exclusive tourist route "Picturesque peaks of Latvia" starts here! Download this and other routes here:: ergli.lv

The trails in the heart of Vidzeme are still made with the tireless help of Artis Ločmelis (“VSK Burkānciems”)! An epic “thank you” for giving a helping hand goes to Māris and Inese Olte (Ērgļi station) for their warm welcomes and helping hands!

See you in Ērgļi! They say that Ērgļi give you wings – we’ll see about that!

Ērgļi Station | TūrismaSalidojums | Ērgļi municipality – tourism

Track at the race day may differ form the track in the picture.
Picture is for an illustrative purpose only.
Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
Ērgļi station

Let's make the newcomers feel like in another world, like abroad. Just take your time, enjoy the arrival, feel the taste, the colours, the fact that there is so much possible. Let's blow the railway whistle and keep up the creative space.

"The station – a place where you finally meet someone who arrives with incredible things, reappears from wandering around the world, a place where cherries are sold, the tiny window of Ērgļi through which fresh air enters," says the author of the idea Māris Olte.

We recommend, go and fetch yourself a cup of matcha, ask Māris to brew some delicious coffee! Ask to flip through prehistoric copies of the “Turist” magazine in the meantime…

Active tourism centre "Ērgļi station" is the platform of the former Ērgļi railway station. The Ērgļi station complex and the surrounding area are an ideal landfill for endless trials and experiments in nature. Adress:: Ērgļi railway station, Stacijas street 1, Ērgļi.

Railway Riga – Ērgļi

The railway line Riga-Ērgļi connected Riga with city of Ērgļi. The line passed through Riga, Stopiņi municipality, Salaspils municipality, Ropaži municipality and Mālpils municipality, Ogre municipality Suntaži parish, Ķeipene parish, Taurupe parish and Mazozoli parish finishing at Ērgļi municipality. The line length was 98 km, track width 1524 mm.

At the moment you can enjoy it by running the double marathon Taisnais (“The straight one”) (84km, 42km, 21km, 10.10.2020.)

Wikipedia | Lost Latvia – the train of skiers

Tourism gathering, September 12th

"Being a tourist is a state of mind. The desire to travel, explore and find leads to miraculous revelations. Of myself, of the place that I come from. The idea of a tourism gathering is to meet, get to know each other and move on with a sense of a shoulder”, says Māris Olte.

The tourism gathering will take place on September 12th in Ērgļi. This is an event during which Latvian tourism professionals and enthusiasts will come together to demonstrate active tourism skills and allow everyone interested to try different types of active tourism. Let's go on the shorter and longer hikes with guides from all over Latvia to learn, understand, laugh together and engage in deep reflection conversations! It is also a story about rope, walking in the trees, along the water, in the forest and swamp, boating, cycling, Nordic walking and walking on a tape. Of anything that is active, that we can do in nature and that shapes your lifestyle.

Tourism gathering | Facebook Event

Ogres ieleja_450
Nature park "Ogre valley"

The status of a national nature park was granted to the territory in 2004. The area of ​​the park is 7515,7 ha, it is located in the territory of Ērgļi, Ķegums and Ogre municipalities. Nature park “Ogre valley” is included in the list of protected nature territories of European significance “Natura 2000”.

The values ​​of the nature park are the unregulated river Ogre, its valley with beautiful coastal landscapes, diverse forests, vast meadows, river rapids, cliffs, springs, boulders, as well as big trees. The valley has long been inhabited, and to this day there are remarkable historical evidence – ancient castle mounds and castle ruins, churches, manors, monuments and memorial sites, various mills, mill dams, etc. There are 21 protected cultural monuments of national significance and 22 cultural and historical objects in the territory of the nature park.

Did you know that modern Ogre has gained its name from the town now called Vecogre? Maybe you know how to find it?

Wikipedia – Ogre valley | Daba.gov.lv

Akmenupīte (Pebble river)

Akmeņupīte or Veģerupīte waterfall is a natural object, which was granted the status of geological and geomorphological natural monument in year 2000. Akmeņupīte is a tributary of the right bank of Ogre, it has a large relative drop – in the 70-meter long section it falls about 10 meters.

The riverbed is full of large mossy stones with a rich moss flora. Walking to Akmeņupīte along the steep bank of the river Ogre, there are fascinating views of the Braži rapids and the river valley.

Akmeņupīte waterfall is included in the list of state protected nature objects. This means that people who visit this place are called to treat nature and its monuments very carefully.


Velna klēpis_450
Devil's lap

Nārāža is a small river, the bed of which is full of large, green moss-covered stones, which could have sprung into the river on both sides of the ravine. The rocky riverbed – the Devil's lap – is about 100 meters long, about 30 meters wide, and with a slope of 4 to 5 meters.

In summer, water flows to the bottom of the stones, but in spring, white foam covers the stones. In autumn, the shores of Nārāža are adorned with the sun's gilded leaves, but in winter the water bubbles under the ice sheets.

Further on, the banks of the river gradually recede and fewer stones remain, although in general the river is quite rocky for about a kilometre.


Braki_Zinta Saulīte_450
"Braki" - Rūdolfs Blaumanis Memorial Museum

Ērgļi municipality is proud of one of its former cityfolk - the classic of Latvian literature Rūdolfs Blaumanis. At the entrance to the museum you will find the sculpture by Oleg Skarainis "Mother's roses", but the museum invites you to get acquainted with the restored farmstead, where the famous writer of stories, both long and short, as well as plays lived more than 100 years ago. "Braki" offers to get acquainted with several buildings of the complex, where ancient tools and household items are located. It is also worth adding that the surrounding nature is exceptional so the walks here are worth well eorth the while, but children have the opportunity to be active in the playground. The museum can be visited free of charge or with a guide. Contact information: +37164871569, +37126498099.

Jurjāni Brothers Memorial Museum "Menģeļi"

The Jurjāni Brothers Memorial Museum "Menģeļi" is definitely worth a visit. It is possible to walk around the yard without a hurry, to see the residential house, barn, stable and sauna, paths where the later musicians, composers and masters of French horn – brothers Jurjāni – ran as children.

It is worth weaving an enthusiasm into the common floor path of visitors, trying to chant the metal wind instruments and enjoy the sound of classical music created by Jurjāņi.

After exploring the surroundings, you can go up the hill and sit at the 1998 Song and Dance symbol – the Wheel of Light. Below you will see houses and the beautiful Pulgošņa lake.

Latvia.Travel | Wikipedia – Jurjāņi brothers

Strūves meridiāna loka punkts Sausnējā_Ilze_Daugiallo_450
The Strūve point of the arc of the meridian

On Ziestu (Sestu) hill, which is 217 meters high, you can see the point of the Strūve meridian arc, which is included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, that was used by the geodesist Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Strūve as one of the main points of meridian arc triangulation.

The Strūve Geodetic Circle is a unique 19th century object in the development of astronomy and geodetic science that not only reaffirmed Newton's hypothesis that our planet was flattened from poles, but also provided observations for determining the size of the globe before the satellite era began in the 20th century.

Wikipedia: Strūve meridian arc

Jumurda manor

Jumurda manor recreational complex is located in Ērgļi municipality on the shore of lake Jumurda. It consists of three buildings with hotel rooms, a restaurant, a terrace, a conference hall, as well as a sauna building with a large banquet hall and a 240 square meter summer tent. We offer our clients recreation in a tidy environment, opportunities to organize large celebrations, weddings, conferences, seminars and sports events.

Latvia.Travel | Jumurda manor

Ergļi center and surroundings

A walk around Ērgļi can be started in the parking lot of Ērgļi center.

Until 1944, the Ērgļi Lutheran Church, built-in 1864, was located on the site of the county council building. The valley of the river Ogre delights with a fountain and a beautiful view over the dam. On the left bank of the river, the historical Skanste castle mound is surrounded by legends. Crossing the pedestrian bridge, we reach the ancient Old or Blaumanis cemetery, where the great thinkers of the nation rest – writer Rūdolfs Blaumanis, poet Jānis Grots, family of musicians Jurjāņi, as well as many witnesses of various historical events.


Ērgļu sargsuņi_450
Medieval castle ruins of Ērgļi

The walk along Blaumaņa street can continue to the main highway of the parish – Rīga street, in order to continue along Parka street at the intersection. And then there is the witness of Livonian times – Ērgļi medieval castle mound, which was mentioned in writings as early as in 1341. The construction of the castle was started by the Knightshausen and completed in 1397. In the twists and turns of historical events, only the ruins of the mighty castle remain. At the end of the castle mound there is a wooden gazebo, which allows you to enjoy a wonderful view of the meanders of the river Ogre. Sculptures “Ērgļi guard dogs” have been installed in the territory of the castle, which are the guardians of the treasures of the Tizenhausen family of the former owners of the medieval Ērgļi castle. The territory of the park can be walked along larger and smaller paths, enjoying the magic of the big trees, enjoying the landscapes. The river Ogre can be crossed via a swinging pedestrian bridge.

Wikipedia – Medieval castle ruins of Ērgļi