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Congratulations! You’ve reached the description page of trail run’s "Stirnu buks" sixth seasons fourth stage.

Race center:: Pilssala complex, Alūksne. GoogleMap HERE!

Race programme:: HERE!

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Are you ready to jump into “Latvian North pole”? The Korneti area already surprised us with its famous Drusku castle mound and Korneti lake line depths resembling Tatra mountains once before. One must wonder – what will the expressive Alūksne hills put us through this time? Will we get to imagine the way one of the oldest and longest inhabited places in Latvia used to look like? Or what atmosphere was like in the medieval Marienburg castle ruins on Castle island that overlooks it from the ancient latgalian castle mound Temple hill? Of course, you will only get to see all of that if you won’t lose your “iņģis” (spirit in malenian dialect) by the time stage “King of the Mountain” comes around…

Yes, Alūksne is around 204 km away from Rīga. It’s located at the bank of the 11th biggest lake in Latvia – lake Alūksne. But we truly think that it’s worth it to take the trip in order to enjoy the sights, trails, local malenian spirit and their special way of speech which can be heard all around the region!

And if you need more reasons to visit this place, remember that this is the afternoon race stage with the traditional midsummer’s forest animal night party in the beautiful Castle island complex! Yes, both race center and the party will be located on the island.

Stirnu buks have been selflessly helped by malenain Vilnis Veļķeris and our dedicated trail-maker Artis Ločmelis (VS Burkānciems). A special thank you to Alūksne region town hall!

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Track at the race day may differ form the track in the picture.
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Courses and remarkable and interesting places around race
Alūksne Castle island

Castle island is the largest island on lake Alūksne. In 1342 Livonia order palace was built there. Now the once powerful fortress has transformed into magnificent ruins and welcomes you for a visit. There is a well-managed beach, as well as a playground, stadium and a multifunctional building with a café and an open-air stage.

The senticement of lake Alūksne

Enjoy the enticement of lake Alūksne by taking a ride on the cozy boat “Marienburg” or raft “Kaija”. During the ride you’ll get to see the best views around lake Alūksne, visit its islands and get to know the most beautiful pieces of local cultural history. Lovers of active recreation can use the opportunity to rent a SUP board, rowing boat or water bikes, but the dare-devils are welcome to enjoy the thrill of speed boats.

More information about activities on water::  http://visitaluksne.lv/aktivitates/laivosana/


Speed boat, mobile: +371 25772411
Raft “Kaija” (up to 25 people), mobile: +371 29416253,

Boat “Marienburg” (up to 20 people), mobile: +371 24429955,


Alūksne Bānītis station

Multimedia exposition “Alūksne Bānītis station” which central visual piece is the more than 100-year-old baggage barn. Now the historic building intertwines modern comfort and authentic wooden constructions. The design of exposition also includes the old baggage boxes and information repositories, that symbolically open up the doors to past. 10 stylized wagon windows give you a chance to look at the local views sliding by just as if you were sitting in a real train, but the floor openings will show different sizes and widths of rail tracks. On top of that – anyone can feel as a train conductor by using virtual reality.

If you sign up for a visit, it’s possible to enjoy an adventure and participate in a game or organize thematical events for groups of friends, colleagues or school children.

Read more:: VisitAluksne.lv

Mobile: +371 25669604

GoogleMap: HERE!


At the dawn of 20th century the “Union of Vidzeme connecting roads” built a narrow-gauge railroad Stukmaņi (Pļaviņas) – Gulbene – Alūksne – Valka for transportation purposes. All that’s left from the original route is a 33 km long railroad route Gulbene – Alūksne that is actively being used up to this day and has earned a nickname “Bānītis”. The Gulbene – Alūksne narrow-gauge railroad, including its tracks, rolling stock, engineering structures, equipment and infrastructure have been declared a historical monument of national significance. Nowadays Bānītis is a member of European Federation of Museum and Tourist Railways (FEDECRAIL), but its main difference from hundreds of other members is its activity – it still carries passengers on day-to-day basis. Bānītis is a tourist attraction that is well-loved by many railroad enthusiasts, because it not only serves as a testimony for well-kept railroad traditions, but also gives you a chance to enjoy a trip around the picturesque Vidzeme.

Mobile: +371 20228884


1.- Aluksnes Jauna pils_450
Alūksne New Castle

Alūksne New Castle was built in 19th century by order of baron Joseph von Fitinghof. Nowadays Alūksne New Castle offers you to visit two museums – nature museum “Vides labirints” (“Labyrinth of Environment”) and Museum of Alūksne, both of which take care and collect evidence of local identity and discovers the cultural-historical heritage of Alūksne. Museum of Alūksne offers to see changing and permanent exhibitions. If you choose to visit “Vides labirints”, be ready to learn new things about nature in a fun and interactive way as well as get emotional satisfaction given by the artistic presentation of the exhibition.

Museum of Alūksne, mobile: +371 25665538, alusknespils.lv

Nature museum “Vides labirints”, mobile: +371 28624196, videslabirints.blogspot.com

GoogleMap: HERE!

aluksnes muzejs 450
Alūksne manor park

Alūksne manor park is the only park in Latvia with as many small architectural forms. Current size of the park is 32 hectares, but it seems a lot bigger because it borders lake Alūksne and gives a magnificent view of the Temple Hill peninsula, the Rotonda and the Sun bridge which all create a single ensemble.

In recent years the park has regained many of its historical objects – small architectural forms that have been restored or renewed: Granite obelisk, Temple of Pomona, the Round and Oval fountains, Bird Pavilion, Mausoleum and granite benches

GoogleMap: HERE!

author Diāna Lozko_450
Temple hill park

In the Temple hill park you can see the Rotonda or Temple of Glory – a monument built in 1807 as ordered by baron Burhard von Fitinghof in honour of Great Northern War in Alūksne. Nearby are also the Sun bridge and watchtower that is the second highest watchtower in Latvia (37,8 meters).

Temple hill peninsula is connected to Castle island by the new Temple hill pedestrian bridge. If you wish to enjoy a special atmosphere, plan the visit of the bridge in the evening when there’s music playing and lights reflecting in the lake’s waters. The bridge is sounded every day from 12.00 to 00.00 every hour for the first 15 minutes.

More information: VisitAluksne.lv

GoogleMap: HERE!

aluksne evangelical lutheran church_450
Ernst Glück’s heritage

In 1689 pastor Ernst Johan Glück finished the first full translation of Bible in Latvian. As the time went on, it became just like the ABC and a moral guide book for coming centuries. The Bible Museum (25A Pils street) is full of Bible’s in 38 languages and is located right next to the Alūksne Evangelical Lutheran church and its stoned towers. The church is one of the most-stately monuments of early classicism in Latvia and it offers visitors a chance to climb the church tower. Next to Pastor’s house (15A Pils street) are Glück’s oaks planted by the pastor after finishing the translation of both New and Old Testament. One can definitely see the impressive size of the trees!

Alūksne during the night

Oh, nightly Alūksne – the perfect place when you want to enjoy something more romantic than stars and the moon… go out in the nightly Alūksne streets when town is decorated with colorful lights. In the New Castle park five different and lighted fountains keep working up until midnight, but the lights keep on shining on the Temple hill pedestrian bridge, Rotonda and Memorial for 7th Sigulda Infantry Regiment. Alūksne in the night is as beautiful as during the day, but much more mysterious!

The special menu of Alūksne county

We suggest that every visitor tasted the foods characteristic to the Alūksne county – profitroļi, cake “Day and night” and the special Alūksne cocktail that is available in any of the town’s cafes.

The Special menu of county:: VisitAluskne.lv

Alūksne county – the crossroads of three countries