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Additional rules for participants of “Zvārte rock Roe buck” race

To ensure that the race goes on as safely and smoothly as possible, this time we emphasize some new rules that are worth knowing for all participants of the trail race “Zvārte rock Roe buck”.

Arrival at the race venue

For the convenience of participants, Braucamkopā.lv public transport service will be provided.

Riga-Sigulda castle ruins and / or Zvārte rock: 9 € (round trip) or 5 € (one way), departure from 4:00 to 10:50.;

Zvārte rock – Sigulda castle ruins: 2 €, departure: 4:30;

Zvārte rock – Sigulda castle ruins: free, departure: at 15:00, at 16:00, at 17:00, at 18:00, at 19:00;

VIP bus for 7 people (with driver and adjusted departure times): 110,- eur + VAT

Sign-up for a ride:: http://www.braucamkopa.lv/stirnu-buks-2020/

VENDEN and SiS water/energy stops during the distance

There will be 6 water stops in the distance “Wolf”, 4 in the distance “Roe buck”, 3 in the distance “Hare”, and 1 water stops in the distances “Squirrel” and “ School Championship”.

At these energy points, it WILL BE POSSIBLE to replenish your drinking systems or use your takeaway cups. Taking into account the safety regulations currently set in the country – no water, no other type of food may be provided to the participants of the competition in an open way! Participants must be self-sufficient and provide themselves with drinks and food, water, including SiS energy drinks at energy points will be available only from closed water tanks.

We recommend the use of portable drinking systems and / or drinking cups!


For participants of the distance “Wolf”

The distance is long and it might suprise with many unlanned events!

Each participant of the distance “Wolf” in the distance must take:

A fully charged mobile phone with registered SOS contact – 29558557 (Rimants),

A downloaded detailed latest version of the distance in GPX format (this file will be sent to you on the Thursday of the race week!), We recommend using the app: OSM AND or similar.

If you go on the track with walking sticks, they must be with you from start to finish!

There will be delivery of perosnal belongings from the start area to the finish line at the Zvārte rock. Plastic bags with a number sticker and fasteners will be provided for packing items in the start area.

Participants will also be provided with the opportunity to deliver their personal food to one of the last 4 energy stops of the distance “Wolf” on track (~ 29th km, 40th km, 51st km, 65th km, map)

Distance “Squirrel” or distance “School Championship”

Both distances are identical, but for safety reasons the start times are strictly separated. Students can be accompanied by parents, teachers, coaches (without losing the result in the “Squirrel”), but not the other way around!

10:30 Start of LVM championship in trail running for schools (~ 6km).

13:30 Start for the participants of “EJ! Squirrel”(~ 6km).

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